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Manu Gavassi performs conceptual show and pays homage to Rita Lee

The show'ssurprisingly lively, naturally melancholic and hopefully sunny“, as Manu Gavassi had described during rehearsals, became reality this Saturday afternoon (23). With a band and women commanding the guitar chords, the singer's performance on the Alternative Stage, on the second day of Lollapalooza, was marked by a classic concept with a 70s feel.

Journey to the eras of Manu Gavassi

With studio lighting and a green background, Manu Gavassi made strong references to the Estúdio Gracinha trailer, in which she spoke about the dilemmas of being a contemporary artist. Therefore, the singer opened the work with the song “ready to displease“, a track released in 2023 and which began its new era.


Manu Gavassi opens his show at Lollapalooza with “Pronta pra desagratar” (Video: reproduction/Twitter/@manugportal)

Later, he returned to 2015 with the song “Direction” It is “Addiction“, from her first EP titled “Vício”. Landing in 2018, the artist sang the track “maybe I don't have me (so much so)“, from his album Cute But Psycho.

At a certain moment he resumes the first song from his album Gracinha, released in 2021, at the beginning of the track “subversive“, Manu Gavassi says: “I think I died and this is a hologram“, overcome by happiness and nervousness for her first time at the festival.


Then, rocked by the piano, Gavassi resumes the melancholic side that is also one of his skins, singing the song responsible for titling the album, the emotional “Cute“. Taking on a new nuance, it contrasts with the energy of the previous song and brings the track “Bossa nova“.

Manu Gavassi singing “GRACINHA” (Video: reproduction/Twitter/@manugportal)

Medley Rita Lee

A fan of Rita Lee, Manu Gavassi dedicated part of the setlist just to the singer, with songs like “this rock enrow thing“. Before the track, the audience applauded the performance at the moment she released the audio sent by Rita Lee to her. After her, Gavassi brought more songs from the album, Rita Lee's forbidden fruit, which was released in 1975, with “Luz del Fuego” It is “Now all you need is you“.


Check out the excerpt:

Manu Gavassi singing “Esse Tal de Rock Enrow” (Video: reproduction/Twitter/@tracklist)

Welcome to my adolescence

With the catchphrase “welcome to my adolescence”, Manu began a special medley, in which he returned to the classics of his adolescence. She sang the remarkable “Way back”, marked by loud guitars and later gave way to two more career flagships, “Wrong boy” It is “Impossible plans“, from his debut album “Manu Gavassi”.


Watch part of the presentation in the video below:

Manu Gavassi singing “Garoto Errado” (Video: reproduction/Twitter/@HugoGloss)

After “Impossible plans”, Manu was applauded by the fans, who shouted and called her an “artist”, making her deeply moved. Check out:

Manu Gavassi gets emotional during the show (Video: reproduction/Twitter/@luscas)

Gracinha Studio

Singing”Sex, Power and Art“, one of the singles released by her after the trailer for Estúdio Gracinha, which begins a series of songs that vent about the pressure of the artistic world, Manu brings to light her criticism regarding the music industry and the commercialization that permeates careers .

In an excerpt of the song, for example, Manu Gavassi confesses to being underestimated and sings: “I suck so fame doesn't suck all my power“, an accurate reference to the fact that she is heavily criticized by the public, precisely because she is a more reserved artist who is not frequently in the media. However, she states that she does not care about the algorithm and that she dances at her own pace, getting out of the curves of the that everyone expects from an artist, as there is enormous pressure in this universe to be of the mainstream.

Manu Gavassi sings “Sex, Power and Art” (Video: reproduction/Twitter/@manugportal)

In the lyrics, Manu emphasizes the fact that a woman's body is worth much more than she actually has to say. Furthermore, she brings out moralism, as she is also often criticized for being transparent in her strong stance in songs, saying: “But why is my intelligence boring and my body power?

It is worth highlighting that Manu Gavassi's new era proposal criticizes the industry, as well as the machismo that exists within it. In filmography “Artist Career Protection Program”, for example, which was scripted by the artist herself, she criticizes the fact that they never thought that it could belong to any musical genre, always keeping it in a box.

End of the show

In the song “apology audio”, from her album Cute But Psycho, released in 2019, she mixes melancholy and sweetness with the guitar chords, which add an extra touch to the song.


The singer ended the show with “It must be horrible to sleep without me”, a track in partnership with Gloria Groove, released in 2020 and which appears on her album of the same name.

Manu Gavassi sings “it must be horrible to sleep without me” (Video: reproduction/Twitter/@manugportal)

The art of Manu Gavassi: final considerations

Manu is an example of an artist who not only sings, as he feels deeply what he transmits to the public. In addition to romantic frustrations, there is the art of Manu Gavassi, who has a keen eye for the world around him, dealing with issues in depth. how to be a woman in our country, for example, and especially in all the positions she assumes, such as a producer, screenwriter, singer, actress, writer and composer.


Completely expressive, the great fact is that the lyrics of Manu's music come to life with her interpretation, consecrating her as one of Brazil's most powerful contemporary artists.

Featured photo: Manu Gavassi at Lollapalooza (Reproduction/Instagram/@tracklistoficial/Photographer @isazeminian)


Manu Gavassi performs conceptual show and pays homage to Rita Lee

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Manu Gavassi performs conceptual show and pays homage to Rita Lee


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