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10 people killed by South Sudan plane crash

At least 10 persons, including the two pilots, lost their precious life when a plane crashed on an airstrip in south Sudan’s Jonglei express, the area’s chief representative and airline said.

” Everyone on board on the business plane died late Tuesday night when it took off from the runway at Pieri on a return flight to Juba.

we can’t offer overall loss of life now, saying there may have been up to 24 people on the run. “However, the main data that was passed on to us was that there were 11 people on board who lost their lives,” the chief said.


“We’re still trying to send a group… to create the current reality for us. “Everyone on board died,” he said.

South Sudan plane crash

South Sudan plane crash
South Sudan plane crash

“It was with great shock and horror to receive the news of the plane crash (HK-4274) of South Sudan Supreme Airline,” Governor Denay Jock Chagor said in a statement sent to AFP Wednesday.

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“The plane took off well to Pieri, landed well and when it was absolutely on air back to Juba, that was the point at which it crashed,”

“Ten people, including the two pilots, were killed,” Ayii Duang Ayii added..

Ayii Duang Ayii, head of South Supreme Airlines, revealed to AFP on Wednesday that it was “absolutely not clear how many people” were ready for the flight.


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