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Palmeiras beats Botafogo-SP with a goal scored in the last minute
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Palmeiras and Botafogo-SP faced each other on Thursday night (2) in the Copa do Brasil, at 9:30 pm, at Allianz Parque, in a match that ended with a score of 2-1 for the home team.

Verdão is currently still competing in the Libertadores and Brasileirão and, therefore, coach Abel Ferreira tries to balance the players to keep them performing well in the three scenarios. Botafogo de Ribeirão Preto, under the guidance of Portuguese coach Paulo Gomes, advances for the second consecutive time to the third phase of the Copa do Brasil and competes in Series B.

In this Thursday's match, Palmeiras adopted a patient approach, seeking to alternate sides frequently in attack to break Botafogo-SP's defensive line. However, the Ribeirão Preto team also presented danger in counterattacks. The game was balanced, with both teams creating opportunities.


Estêvão, the young striker who has been gaining more and more space in Abel Ferreira's team (photo: reproduction/Instagram/@estevaowillian_)

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Now, the next clash is scheduled for the 23rd of this month, where the two teams will face each other again to compete for a place in the round of 16.

First half ends 0x0

Despite the great difference in technical quality between the two teams, opportunities arose from all sides. In just 18 minutes, each team had at least 4 clear chances to score.

At four, after a quick corner, Lázaro launches a rocket towards the goal, and goalkeeper Michael has to stretch to make the save.


At nine, it's Walison's turn to come face to face with Marcelo Lomba and try to finish, but the ball goes over the bottom line. Then, Lázaro heads after a cross in Luan's area and makes goalkeeper Michael have to work again to make the save.

At 17, Matheus Barbosa takes advantage of a header inside the area and forces Lomba to make a great save, a move that resulted in a corner for Botafogo. At 20 it was Schappo's turn to rise higher after a cross, but the defender headed over the goal, adding to another good opportunity wasted by the Ribeirão Preto team.

After an extensive exchange of passes from Palmeiras, at 27, Murilo receives the ball at the edge of the area and takes a chance on the shot, but it goes wide of Michael's goal. At 38, right after a wrong shot by Endrick, Palmeiras pressed at the edge of the Botafogo area, but found no gaps in the opposing defense and faced difficulties in creating scoring opportunities. At 44, Endrick finishes and makes the opposing goalkeeper make a great save, in the last important move of the period that ended at 49.

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Second half with goals from both teams

The first minutes of the second half were marked by unsuccessful attempts by Endrick and Lázaro to get out of 0-0. At seven, Luan crosses into the area, Lázaro heads it, but the ball goes over the goal. Then, Endrick makes a brilliant play, dribbles past two markers and hits the post. In search of the first goal, Verdão didn't take long and opened the scoring: Rony scored, but the crucial contribution came from Endrick, who provided the pass for Mayke to assist the number 10. Rony tried again at 15, and Lázaro made Michael spread the ball to prevent another goal from Palmeiras at 17. At 22 it was Botafogo's turn to react to an attempt by Matheus Barbosa, saved by Lomba.


Shortly after, Emerson advances on Murilo, wins the dispute and finishes with a cross. The ball passes close to Lomba's post. At 26, Lázaro dribbles the marking and finishes with a slight deflection. The ball goes to Ríos, who touches it lightly, and then to Rony. The attacker faces the goal and shoots, but the ball hits Estêvão's foot. At 31, it was Rony's turn to shine once again, however, the goal was disallowed. Mayke makes a precise cross to the second post, where Rony dives and heads towards goal, but VAR detects an offside. Just three minutes later, Abel Ferreira received a yellow card for a complaint.

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At 45, Botafogo reacted with a goal from Patrick Brey, which tied the score. The left-back took advantage of a cross that crossed the entire area, controlled it and finished low. Marcelo Lomba is unable to defend and the ball goes under his legs. A minute later, Estêvão receives a pass from Endrick, turns and shoots with precision, but the ball goes close to the post. At 52, Verdão confirmed its reputation as a “turnaround team”. Rômulo competed for the ball on the left side of the field, made a beautiful cross to Estevão, who dominated it with his chest and finished with his left foot, beating the goalkeeper and finishing the victory with an advantage over his opponent.

Featured photo: Palmeiras shirt symbolizes the expectation of victory in the Copa do Brasil (reproduction/Instagram/@palmeiras)


Palmeiras beats Botafogo-SP with a goal scored in the last minute

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Palmeiras beats Botafogo-SP with a goal scored in the last minute

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