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The 4 biggest rivalries in the NBA
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The NBA is an essential, and central, part of the rich history and culture of professional basketball. Over the decades, several epic matches have unfolded on the courts, captivating fans around the world and leaving a mark on the sport, among them, 4 NBA's biggest rivalries They stood out.

Founded in 1946, the league is made up of 30 teams, divided into two conferences (East and West). It is one of the most famous sporting competitions in the world, attracting the attention of sports lovers and sports enthusiasts. sports betting.

Celtics vs. Lakers

The rivalry between Boston Celtics It is Los Angeles Lakers It is one of the oldest and most intense in the NBA. It originated in 1960, a decade in which the two teams faced each other repeatedly in the tournament finals.


Unforgettable moments

  • 1969 NBA Finals:The Celtics and Lakers faced each other in the 1969 NBA Finals, which was decided only in Game 7, when the Celtics, led by Bill Russell, won the game and won the NBA title.
  • Bird vs. Bird Duel Magic in the NBA Finals (1984, 1985, 1987):During the 1980s, Larry Bird, from the Celtics, and Magic Johnson, from the Lakers, starred in a series of NBA finals, which due to their genius became legendary.
  • 2008 NBA Finals: The Celtics and Lakers met again in the 2008 NBA Finals after years of waiting. The series was a remake of the classic rivalry decided in six games. The Celtics, led by Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, won the title.
  • Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals:In one of the most exciting and dramatic games in NBA Finals history, the Celtics and Lakers faced off in Game 7 of the 2010 Finals. The Lakers, led by Kobe Bryant, won 83-79.

Bulls vs. Pistons

In the 80s and 90s, the rivalry between Chicago Bulls It is Detroit Pistons She was one of the fiercest in the NBA. The Pistons were known for their physical and intimidating defense, while the Bulls, led by Michael Jordan, sought to break the Pistons' dominance in the Eastern Conference.

Unforgettable moments

  • Eastern Conference playoff duel:The Bulls and Pistons faced each other repeatedly in the Eastern Conference playoffs during the 80s and 90s, which established the rivalry between them once and for all.
  • “The Jordan Rules”: The Pistons became known for their physical and aggressive defense against Michael Jordan and the Bulls. The strategy, dubbed “The Jordan Rules”, aimed to frustrate Jordan with tight marking and hard fouls.
  • Bulls finally surpass Pistons in 1991: After years of heartbreaking losses to the Pistons in the playoffs, the Bulls finally managed to overcome their rivals in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals.
  • The Walk-Off:In Game 4 of the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals, with the Pistons being swept by the Bulls, Isiah Thomas and some Pistons players left the court before the end of the game, without greeting their opponents. The moment symbolized the end of an era for the Pistons and the emergence of the Bulls as an NBA powerhouse.

Lakers vs. Spurs

The rivalry between Los Angeles Lakers It is San Antonio Spurs gained momentum in the early 2000s when the two teams met repeatedly in the playoffs, competing for Western Conference dominance.

Unforgettable moments

  • Western Conference Finals Battles: The Lakers and Spurs have met several times in the Western Conference Finals, intensely competing for the right to advance to the NBA Finals.
  • Big star duels: Individual clashes between Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan, two of the greatest players of their generations, were always eagerly awaited, further strengthening one of the NBA's biggest rivalries.
  • Thrilling victory in the 2004 playoffs: In one of the most exciting games in playoff history, the Lakers defeated the Spurs 74-73 in Game 5 of the 2004 Western Conference semifinals. The game was decided in the final moments, with Derek Fisher hitting a miracle basket with 0.4 seconds remaining. the end.
  • 2013 playoff series:The Lakers and Spurs faced each other in the early rounds of the 2013 playoffs. Despite the Lakers being missing due to injuries, they managed to win one game.

Knicks vs. heat

The height of the rivalry between New York Knicks It is Miami Heat It was in the 90s, when the two teams met several times in the playoffs, thus generating intense disputes.

Unforgettable moments

  • Fight in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals (1997): In one of the most memorable fights of the NBA playoffs, a physical confrontation between players from both teams occurred in Game 5 of the 1997 Eastern Conference Semifinals.
  • Eastern Conference Finals Battles (1990s): The Knicks and Heat met repeatedly in the Eastern Conference playoffs during the 1990s.
  • Allan Houston and the “Shot” (1999):In one of the most iconic plays in NBA playoff history, known as “The Shot,” Allan Houston hit a shot in the last second of Game 5 of the 1999 Eastern Conference Semifinals, securing the Knicks' victory over the Heat.
  • 2012 Playoff Series:The Knicks and Heat faced each other again, with emphasis on the duels between Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James.

To the NBA's biggest rivalries They are supplied year after year, and even with breaks, when they return they guarantee unforgettable confrontations. So, prepare your NBA bettingthat the season promises more unforgettable clashes and who knows, a new rivalry.

Featured photo: NBA (Reproduction/Edgar Chaparro/Unsplash)


The 4 biggest rivalries in the NBA

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The 4 biggest rivalries in the NBA


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