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Third party truck insurance
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Are you a truck driver or owner of a transport company or fleet? If so, then you need to know more about third-party truck insurance.

Driving a truck on Brazilian roads, besides being tiring, can be quite an adventure, especially when you think about issues such as traffic accidents, whether caused by reckless drivers or poor road conditions.


The fact is that, even though the driver is very experienced and excellent at what he does, it can happen that he goes through a hole that he didn't see, loses control of the truck, even if momentarily, and hits the vehicle in the meantime.

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And if that happens, believe me, the costs of repairing the other vehicle could be very high.

To solve problems like this, there is third-party truck insurance.

Follow this article and better understand how this service works, why it is important to have it and what its main advantages are.

Third party truck insurance

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What is third-party truck insurance and how does it work?

Also known as RCF-V (Vehicle Optional Civil Liability), truck insurance for third parties is a service that guarantees compensation for damages caused by the truck driver to other people, whether in a collision or any other type of accident involving the insured vehicle, in this case the truck.

Third-party truck insurance works exactly like third-party insurance in common car insurance.

It aims to cover expenses related to material and bodily damages.


That is, if the driver is involved in a collision and the other person is injured.

The insurance will be responsible for all of the victim's medical expenses.

It is important to say that the insurer will bear the costs of damages caused to third parties, as long as they do not exceed the limit value stipulated in the policy.

Therefore, it is important to choose a good compensation value when taking out this coverage.


When we talk about third-party insurance for passenger vehicles, the minimum coverage to be taken out is R$50,000.

But in cases of truck insurance against third parties, it is recommended that this coverage starts at R$100,000, since larger vehicles can cause much greater damage than a passenger car.

In this case, let's assume that the compensation value defined in your contract is R$200,000.

If you are involved in one or more accidents, all damage caused to third parties during the term of your policy will be covered until this amount is reached.


Costs exceeding this amount are the responsibility of the insured.

For example, if you are involved in an accident in which the third party's costs are R$50,000.

You will still have a balance of R$150,000 to cover future accidents during the term of your policy. Whether there are four accidents or just one.

Another important thing to be said is that the insurance only assumes the costs of damages caused to the third party if the driver and/or insured person assumes fault for the accident and the insurance company confirms this responsibility.


If one of these two factors is not met, the insurance will not cover the costs of the damage.

Furthermore, it is essential to highlight that third-party truck insurance does not have a deductible to be activated.

In other words, for the insurance company to take care of everything, the insured party simply needs to contact the company, assume responsibility for the accident and the insurance company confirms this responsibility.

Now, the insurance company will take care of all the costs and take all the necessary measures without the insured having to pay any amount.


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What is third party truck insurance coverage?

The coverage available in third-party truck insurance services varies from one company to another.

However, there are some details that are common in most insurance companies, these are:

  1. Coverage against material damage

This coverage covers expenses incurred by third parties in accidents involving the insured truck.

Damage such as damage to bodywork, paintwork and/or mechanical parts.

In addition to also covering damage done to building facades, whether commercial or residential.

  1. Bodily or personal injury coverage

In this coverage, the insurer is responsible for covering amounts spent by the third party on medical and/or hospital assistance resulting from the accident.

It also offers compensation in more serious cases such as disability (total or partial) and death.

  1. Coverage against moral damages

If the driver suffers any legal or even extrajudicial conviction and is sentenced to pay an amount to the victim involved in the accident caused by him, the insurance company is responsible for paying this compensation.

In addition to these coverages, some insurers offer coverage against cosmetic damage.

This means that, if the victim suffers any deformation as a result of the accident and sues the insured, the insurance company will pay the compensation charged in court for this aesthetic damage.

Third-party truck insurance policy value

In general, third-party insurance, even for trucks, has a lower value if taken out alone.


However, the values ​​will always depend on the driver's profile, vehicle model and the limit amount for compensation coverage, previously stipulated in the contract.

Another important detail to mention is that, even though the third-party truck insurance deductible does not exist, whenever this coverage is activated, the insured will lose a point in their bonus class.

Therefore, when you renew your contract, even if it is with another insurer, your discount will be lower.

How does third-party truck insurance compensation work?

As previously mentioned, for third party compensation to occur, the insured must activate the insurance and assume the blame.


After this fault is confirmed by the insurance company, the compensation is released.

If you are talking about compensation for a full claim, this must happen within a maximum period of 30 days.

According to circular nº 145 from SUSEP – Superintendence of Private Insurance, the body responsible for regulating the entire insurance market.

However, as in any full compensation process, this period begins only when all necessary documents are delivered to the insurance company.


In cases of compensation for partial loss, the vehicle will need to be taken to one of the insurer's accredited workshops and repairs carried out.

In this case, the compensation, which is equivalent to the value of the repairs, is paid directly to the workshop, meaning the victim does not receive any value.

The deadline for this compensation to occur will directly depend on the time needed to carry out repairs on the vehicle.

In cases of physical damage, compensation is to cover medical and hospital expenses.


In this situation, the most common process is where the victim bears the costs and then presents all receipts to the insurance company to be reimbursed.

However, there may be other forms of compensation in this case, so it is best that you find out about this type of compensation for third parties directly with the insurance company.

Finally, there is compensation in cases of moral damages, this will be carried out as soon as the court sentence is issued.

Always respecting the amount charged and the deadlines established by court for its completion.


Truck insurance for third parties is a service worth hiring, even if it's just that.

Because, as previously stated, you never know when an accident could happen, much less the extent of the damage it is capable of causing. Get your quote now!

Third party truck insurance

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Third party truck insurance



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Third party truck insurance

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