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Today in Family is Everything! – Summary of chapters

Monday – March 25th – Family is Everything

Electra thanks Luca for his attitude. Andromeda apologizes to Chicão. Jupiter uses part of the money on the card he got from Catarina. Guto tries to warn Lupita against Jupiter. Luca and Electra walk in a park. Pluto is interested in Nicole. Venus criticizes Catarina for giving the card with the money to renovate the gallery to Jupiter and Andromeda. Venus is surprised by the purchase made by her brothers.

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Tuesday – March 26 – Family is Everything

Electra asks Luca to believe in her innocence. Jessica discovers that Luca defended Electra at college. Venus demands that Andromeda and Jupiter return what they bought and get their money back. Luca talks to Tom about Electra. Electra asks Murilo to help her prove her innocence. Venus has a nightmare about the accident that took her father's life. Lupita hears Elisa mock her photo to Jupiter. Luca ends his relationship with Jéssica.

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Wednesday – March 27th – Family is Everything

Luca tells Jéssica about his reunion with Electra. Electra tells Venus that she will investigate her case to prove her innocence. Lupita is devastated by Elisa and Jupiter's nasty comments about her appearance. A few days pass. Tom tells Venus that he will look for Paulina. Paulina manipulates her children against Tom. Pluto mistakes Max, Nicole's boyfriend, for a criminal, causing a conflict between the three. Andromeda faints in Chicão's van. Jessica asks Chantal to spy on Luca. Murilo demands that Luca stay away from Electra. Tom tells Paulina that he is dating Venus.

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Thursday – March 28 – Family is Everything

Paulina tries to control herself in front of Tom, and takes her medication. Electra doesn't believe the Venus assumption. Luca finds Murilo's behavior strange. Chicão manages to revive Andrômeda, who becomes enraged when she finds out about her dancers' show. Leda doesn't like seeing a photo of Pedro on Hans' table, and Mila and Catarina register it. Jupiter asks Lupita for help to take Elisa to a fancy restaurant. Nicole praises Pluto, and Max doesn't like it. Vênus takes Tom to see the Mancini Gallery. Lulu takes her fan club to disrupt the Andromeda dancers' show. Venus discovers that his father received threats shortly before his death.

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Friday – March 29 – Family is Everything

Venus assures Tom that she will investigate Pedro's death. Guto realizes that Chicão likes Andrômeda. Haroldinho and Kleberson are terrified when they see Andrômeda in her show. Venus remembers when her father died, and Tom consoles her. Murilo and Electra analyze the case files against her. Jessica tries to manipulate Luca. Lupita follows Jupiter's plan at the restaurant and ends up arrested.

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Saturday – March 30th – Family is Everything

Jupiter is unable to help Lupita. Electra thinks about talking to one of her trial witnesses. Catarina and Hans complain about Electra and Pluto's behavior. Chantal is scared by Jessica's reaction. Lupita is taken to the police station. Tom finds it strange when Ramón makes a mistake during a conversation. Murilo discovers Lupita's whereabouts and tells Jupiter. Brenda forces Chantal to help Paulina. Jéssica suggests that Murilo declares himself to Electra. Luca and Electra meet. Venus falls into Brenda and Paulina's trap to separate her from Tom.

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Monday – April 1st – Family is Everything

Paulina provokes Venus. Electra notices Luca without his engagement ring and questions him. Murilo denies to Jéssica that he is in love with Electra. Lupita gives a statement. Mila interrupts the conversation between Electra and Luca. Jupiter is unable to help Lupita. Tom invites Venus to dinner at his house. Pluto talks about Nicole to Tom. Andromeda tries to seduce Chicão. Jessica sets up a weapon against Murilo. Jupiter visits Lupita at the police station. Electra receives flowers and a declaration of love from Murilo.

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Tuesday – April 2nd – Family is Everything

Wednesday – April 3rd – Family is Everything

Luca arrives at the mansion and asks Electra out. Jupiter doesn't find Lupita at the police station and believes that the girl has been deported. Paulina and Brenda pit Laurinha and Pudim against Vênus. Murilo arrives at the mansion and is saddened to learn that Electra left with Luca. Andromeda dances for Chicão. Luca and Electra have fun, and end up getting back together. Jessica looks for Murilo. Laurinha and Pudim destroy Venus.

Thursday – April 4th – Family is Everything

Paulina and Brenda manipulate Laurinha and Pudim. Jessica despairs at the thought that Luca can forgive Electra. Lulu catches Andrômeda and Chicão together. Guto feels sick when he receives affection from Lupita. Paulina tries to embarrass Venus during dinner. Elisa follows Jupiter. Laurinha and Pudim offend Vênus after seeing the news about his arrest, and Tom gets angry. Elisa catches Jupiter in front of the mansion. Luca tells Murilo that he got back together with Electra.

Friday – April 5th – Family is Everything

Luca finds Murilo's reaction strange. Elisa ends her relationship with Jupiter. Tom talks to Brenda and Ramón about Venus' suspicion of Pedro's death. Paulina gets angry when Laurinha tells her that she and Pudim will give Vênus another chance. Pluto faces Max to defend Nicole. Luca and Electra make out in the park. Andromeda and Chicão think about each other. Jupiter hugs Lupita when he finds her at the record company.

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Saturday – April 6th – Family is Everything

Lupita is touched by Jupiter's hug. Luca decides to do a photo shoot with Electra. Jessica tells Chantal that she will return with Luca. Paulina likes it when Brenda says she will try to get closer to her ex-husband's girlfriend. Tom tells Venus that he found the man who was arrested for Pedro's death. Catarina reacts badly when she learns that Venus suspects that Pedro has been murdered. Luca prepares a surprise for Electra. Elisa looks for Lupita. Brenda goes to meet Venus.


The soap opera

Family is everything! is a creation by Daniel Ortiz with Flávia Bessone, Nilton Braga, Daisy Chaves and Cláudio Lisboa. Directed by Felipe Louzada, Mariana Richard, Augusto Lana and Naína de Paula. General direction by Cristiano Marques and artistic direction by Fred Mayrink.

The main cast includes names like Arlete Salles, Nathalia Dill, Juliana Paiva, Ramille, Renato Góes, Isacque Lopes, Thiago Martins and Raphael Logam, among others.


Today in Family is Everything! – Summary of chapters

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