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Understand how armored car insurance works
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Insurance for armored vehicles is an alternative for those looking to reinforce the protection of their car. However, it is necessary to pay attention to some particularities. Find out more below.

Auto insurance is one of the most recognized services when it comes to insurance. After all, protecting your vehicle is always a priority, right?


However, something that many people are unaware of is the existence of specific insurance for armored cars.

This service can be contracted as an extension of car insurance and has its own protection characteristics.

Therefore, if you are interested in armored vehicle insurance, keep following to find out more.

What is the price of auto insurance for armored cars?

What is the cost of insurance for armored cars? One of the first questions that may arise when looking for armored car insurance is the cost of the service.


Costs may vary depending on several factors, such as the car model, the driver's age and the length of time they have been driving.

However, it is important to keep in mind that, even considering all these variables, insurance for armored cars tends to be higher than for conventional cars.

Zafira car insurance average price table

This is due to the fact that armored vehicles require more expensive parts than conventional ones, in addition to requiring specialized maintenance.

Thus, due to the higher costs for repairing an armored car, insurers have greater expenses to carry out repairs in the case of partial damage, for example.


Furthermore, armored vehicles require specialized workshops for repairs, which must be authorized by the Army.

There are also situations in which the car can be imported, which makes the parts more expensive and difficult to obtain.

Therefore, all these factors contribute to an increase in the value of the policy, since the car requires special care for repairs.

To obtain an estimate of the insurance value and hire the service, you must request a quote that suits your profile. In this process, having the advice of a broker can make it much easier.


How does armored car insurance work?

Armored vehicles are recognized for having a protected structure, with a cover reinforced by additional steel.

This measure aims to ensure the safety of vehicle occupants, being useful in situations involving gunshots and explosions.

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Therefore, with this extra protection, such vehicles also require adequate maintenance to ensure their effectiveness.

For this reason, repairs to armored cars tend to be more expensive and require workshops and professionals prepared to carry them out.

Imagining having an armored car that has not undergone adequate repair and that now has conventional parts would compromise its protection, wouldn't it?

Therefore, it is necessary to carry out specific procedures to ensure that the vehicle maintains the complete protection provided by the armor.


Consequently, insurance for armored cars is a different service from that offered for ordinary cars.

Furthermore, this is a service that must be contracted as additional coverage, with different values, compensation and deductibles.

It is important to highlight that this coverage is only aimed at armored parts. This way, damage to conventional parts, such as headlights, will be repaired normally, as long as this coverage is included in the insurance.

Car insurance Rio de Janeiro - RJ

When taking out insurance for an armored car, it is essential to note that the insurer covers damages up to the maximum value stipulated in the contract. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of this information.


Understand the differences between armored car insurance and normal car insurance?

When choosing to take out insurance for armored cars, you are likely to encounter several differences in relation to conventional car insurance.

For example, in the contracting process, there are steps that are not common in contracting standard insurance.

One of these steps is the request for an invoice for the shielding service from the responsible company.

This is due to the fact that the insurer needs to verify whether the shielding process was carried out correctly, following all standards established by law.


With the invoice, it is possible to know which company provided the service, its reliability and whether it used quality materials.

Furthermore, the insurance company may require an authorization document from the Army, as every armored vehicle in the country must have this registration certificate.

This document is personal, just like vehicle documents, and needs to be renewed every three years.

Another step that the insurer may request is a technical inspection, even for brand new cars. Generally, this inspection is required when insurance is taken out for a used car, in order to certify the condition of the vehicle.


Therefore, brand new cars are not subject to this process, but in the case of armored cars, they must all undergo inspection.

Auto insurance coverage for armored cars

Although armored cars are resistant and protected, they still need specific care to ensure good performance.

In this sense, the shielding itself requires adequate treatment to maintain its effectiveness.

Furthermore, it is important to consider that the armor increases the weight of the car, which directly impacts the braking and suspension systems.


Therefore, the coverage offered aims to cover repairs that these vehicles may need.

Cheapest insurance for Renault Duster

This way, it is possible to find covers for the hull, tires and even the windows. With some insurers, it is also possible to include coverage for headlights and taillights.

However, it is important to note that coverage may vary depending on the company offering the service.

Some insurers offer coverage for armored glass separately. Even for conventional cars with armored glass, this coverage can be included in car insurance.


Therefore, it is possible to find differences between available coverage and other service characteristics. Therefore, it is recommended that you carry out thorough research to find the service that best meets your needs.

In this process, counting on the help of a broker can be very useful. This professional will consider all risks and your demands, seeking a service with complete coverage for you.

Armored car insuranceArmored car insurance
Image: Getty

Do insurance companies offer protection for armored vehicles?

As mentioned previously, armored car insurance has a series of specifications that differentiate it from conventional car insurance.

Therefore, not all insurers can offer this service or accept coverage for your vehicle.

This is due to the fact that repairs to an armored car are more expensive, which makes the risk assumed by the insurance company greater.

Therefore, it is possible to find companies that do not work with this protection or that do not accept more expensive and imported cars.


Additionally, some insurers may set an age limit for the insured car. Therefore, armored cars that are more than five years old may be refused by some companies.

Therefore, when looking for insurance, it is important to consult several insurers and know the terms proposed by each one.

However, it is important to remember that this type of insurance is an additional service to car insurance. So don't forget to check all the other protections your car may need.

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How to take out insurance for armored cars?

Now that you better understand how armored car insurance works, you may be wondering how to take out it.


The process itself is relatively simple, and having a broker can provide even more peace of mind to follow all the steps.

Initially, it is necessary to look for an insurance company that offers this type of insurance. Request an insurance quote and provide details about the drivers and the vehicle.

The insurer will request this information to understand the risks to which the car is subject and its market value.

Furthermore, in the case of armored cars, it will request the invoice from the company responsible for the armor, as well as authorization from the army.


After that, your car will undergo an inspection, and the insurance company will determine the value of the policy, taking into account the indemnity limits and coverage offered.

When concluding the contract, take the opportunity to clarify any doubts and check all the details of the service with the company.

It is essential to understand the characteristics of each coverage and know when they will be useful to you, thus avoiding situations without coverage.

Other protections for armored cars

As mentioned previously, not all insurance companies offer insurance for armored cars. Therefore, it is important to research until you find the right company.


However, when taking out insurance for your car, you also need to consider other protections that may be useful.

Car insurance, in addition to offering the possibility of coverage for armored vehicles, offers several other coverages that provide peace of mind in everyday life.

Basic and Additional Coverages

Basic coverage is those present in the auto insurance contract and are essential for anyone looking for vehicle security.

These coverages include services such as compensation for collisions and rollovers, as well as protection against robbery and theft, considering the high crime rates in the country.


Also included is coverage for external objects falling into the vehicle, such as rocks and tree branches, as well as protection against natural phenomena such as flooding, lightning, hail and windstorms.

Apps make car insurance cheaper

Additional coverage is optional and varies depending on the customer's choice.

In addition to armor protection, it is possible to include covers for the vehicle's internal accessories, such as audio and video systems.

It is also possible to obtain extra protection for your car's windows, mirrors and lights, as well as backup car coverage, which provides a replacement vehicle while yours is disabled due to an accident.


In all cases, it is important to research carefully and discover the options that best meet your needs.

Therefore, before taking out insurance, it is essential to understand the coverage available and choose those that provide adequate protection for your vehicle.

Understand how armored car insurance works

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Understand how armored car insurance works



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Understand how armored car insurance works

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