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Should I pay the insurance deductible when it's not my fault?
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Many people are unsure whether they need to pay the insurance deductible even if they were not at fault in an accident. See how this service works in these cases!

Having a car and not having car insurance may seem crazy, and in fact, it's not really recommended.


However, this is the reality for most Brazilians. Since around 80% of the country's vehicle fleet does not have car insurance.

How is the value of car insurance determined?

This greatly increases the chances of a person who doesn't have insurance crashing into another's car.

It may happen that someone who doesn't have auto insurance crashes their car and wants to use their insurance, as the repairs will be more affordable.

But, everyone knows that, when car insurance is activated in these cases, you have to pay the deductible.


In a situation like this, who is responsible for the franchise? Are you obliged to pay the deductible even if you are not at fault?

Discover the difference between premium and deductible in car insurance.

If you are going through a situation like this, or want to stay informed if it happens, follow this article and find out if you should pay a deductible when it is not your fault.

Do I pay an insurance deductible when it’s not my fault?
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Who pays the insurance deductible in the event of an accident?

There are many possibilities of accidents that can happen to a vehicle and many different situations that can cause these accidents.

It is normal to encounter situations where one of the vehicles does not have auto insurance.


In case of car theft, do I need to pay the deductible?

It is also common for the person responsible for the accident to not be the insured party.

How to calculate vehicle insurance -

See below some of the most common situations in these cases, and understand who is responsible for paying the deductible in these situations:

1. When it’s not your fault and the insurance is someone else’s

If you are involved in a traffic accident where it is not your fault and the person responsible for the incident has car insurance, there is nothing to worry about.


All that is needed is for the culprit to take responsibility for the accident and claim your car insurance.

In this case, neither you nor the owner of the insurance must pay a deductible, but it must be made clear that the responsibility for the accident was the other person, who owns the insurance.

However, for this to happen, the person responsible for the accident must have third-party coverage.

If he does not have this coverage, you will not be able to use his insurance to repair your car.


Having to pay for the repair of your vehicle privately or through your car insurance.

In this situation, you can agree with him that he pays your insurance deductible.

If he refuses, you can pay the cost of the deductible and later take action against the person responsible for the accident.

3 differences between auto insurance and vehicle protection that you should know!

2. When it's not your fault, but the other person doesn't have insurance

If you have to claim insurance for a partial loss of your car, you must pay the deductible, regardless of who is at fault.


This way, you can reach an agreement with the person responsible for the accident and arrange for them to pay the deductible.

It is even possible to take legal action if he refuses to do this, unless he does not want to use his insurance and commits to paying for the service at a trustworthy workshop.

In this case, you must be aware that if the negotiation is made outside the insurance company you must be extra careful, as insurance companies are obliged to use only original parts in repairs and provide a quality service, so be aware of this type of proposal.


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Can the insurance company charge the guilty party a deductible? Find out here!


Now that you know that you don't have to pay the deductible when it's not your fault. It will be much easier to know how to act in an accident situation like the ones shown here.

Mini auto insurance dictionary

But, pay attention to the rules of your insurance company, be it MAPFRE, Youse, Suhai, Pier Seguros or others. Enjoy and understand how car insurance works and which coverages you will need to pay the deductible for.

How much is the car insurance deductible?

Now that you know who should pay the insurance deductible, it is common for other questions to arise. Regarding car insurance, drivers have a lot of questions. The most common ones are about how car insurance works, how insurance deductibles work, total loss paid deductible, what an insurance deductible is, what a claim is and others.

But what about when the question is about the value of the car deductible in vehicle insurance? If this is your question, know that, commonly among insurance companies, such as Suhai, Pier Seguros and others, the price varies depending on the type of loss and what was agreed in the insurance policy.


Therefore, it is important to check what was contracted, as there are drivers who choose to pay more for insurance and have an exempt or reduced deductible. Furthermore, in other cases, some drivers prefer to pay less for insurance and a higher amount if they need to claim the insurance, that is, a more expensive deductible.

But, if you haven't taken out insurance yet, talk about the different types of deductibles with your broker. Thus, you can choose the value that is most viable for your budget, as there are: Normal deductible, Reduced deductible, Expanded deductible, Exempt and increased deductible.

So now you know How the insurance deductible works. If you still have doubts, look for a trusted broker and ask for more clarification.

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Should I pay the insurance deductible when it's not my fault?

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Should I pay the insurance deductible when it's not my fault?


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Should I pay the insurance deductible when it's not my fault?


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