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Vinicius Júnior cries at a press conference when talking about racism in Spain, Brazilian national team striker Vinícius Júnior cried during a press conference this Monday, March 25th. The player is the target of racism in Spain, where the match will take place this Tuesday, March 26th.

“I want to thank all the players from Spain who, whenever they give interviews, are supporting me, doing everything they can to make Spain change its thinking. Not just Spain, there is a lot of racism everywhere. I hope we can do everything we can to increasingly reduce racism. The players from Spain are helping me a lot, saying things that at first only I said. I always ask that FIFA, Conmebol, Uefa can do more things, like the CBF is doing, it has been helping me so that we can evolve as human beings, so that everyone can study to see what black people go through and have gone through”, he said.

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Vinícius Júnior also revealed that he is an “evolving” person, but he believes that Spanish reporters, who are older than him, only attack him and don’t realize that they can also study everything that is happening.


“I believe they need to talk less about everything I do wrong on the field, of course I have to evolve, but I’m 23 years old, it’s a natural process, I left Brazil very young, I couldn’t learn so many things. I’m 23 years old and I’m still studying. Why can’t reporters from Spain, who are older than me, study and see what’s really going on?” she said.

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Vini also said that what frustrates him most is the lack of punishment, despite so many complaints he has already made and that he continues to suffer in Real Madrid games.

“The lack of punishments. If we start punishing all these people who commit crimes and here they don’t consider it a crime, we will start to evolve, everything will get better for everyone. I make so many complaints, letters often arrive to make more complaints, but in the end it happens like what happened to my friend in Barcelona, ​​they close the case and nobody knows anything. If we start punishing these people, not that they will change their thinking, but they will be afraid to speak, whether in the stadium, where there are cameras”.


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After crying, Vinícius Júnior went on to say that it seems that with each accusation, the criticism against him increases. The player believes that many insult him because they think he is “against Spain”.

“With each report, more and more people insult me. They think I’m against Spain, but I’m not against Spain, I’m against the racists in the world, everywhere. I want equality. After a year (racism suffered in Valencia), I had many contacts, meetings, conversations with people who want to make things evolve and others who just want to listen to what I have to say, but don’t want to put anything forward. Every day I have to put my face here. I ask for help from FIFA, Conmebol, Uefa, CBF, large groups that can really combat this. LaLiga is evolving, trying to improve, but things (laws) in Spain don’t let them do much. Sometimes it’s complicated, I can’t talk about the League, they had meetings with me, they want to evolve, but here racism is not a crime, it’s a bit complicated for them”, he stated.

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Vinícius Júnior also said that “he has less and less desire to play” because of so much racism he suffers, but he will not give up.

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“I’m increasingly sad, I have less and less desire to play, but I’m going to keep fighting. I believe that because of all the people who support me, follow me and send me more and more messages. I will continue fighting for them. If I leave here, I’ll give the racists what they want. I’m going to continue fighting here, playing for the best club in the world, winning titles, scoring goals, people will have to see my face more and more. That (we black people) can all be together defending one by one, things can get better, we who are black know that we have to do everything we can. If we’re together, it’s better for me, for you, for your family. There are many who defend us, but they don’t have the strength that we have, to go through this every day. Only those who are black know what we went through. We have to continue together”, he concluded.


Vinicius Júnior cries at a press conference when talking about racism in Spain

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