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What is comprehensive insurance?
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Follow this article and discover what comprehensive insurance is and how it works, bringing together different coverages in a single policy.

In the past, taking out car insurance required a little attention from the insured, as for each coverage they received a policy with different conditions.


Therefore, when an accident occurred, he needed to “discover” through various documents, whether the situation was covered.

In this article we will explain better how comprehensive insurance works, what coverage it includes, how it can be contracted and how the deductible works in different situations.

What is comprehensive insurance?

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How did comprehensive insurance coverage come about?

Until the beginning of the 90s, taking out car insurance was a very complicated and expensive task.


It was necessary to sign a policy for each different type of coverage, which made the contracting process much more bureaucratic than one might imagine.

To make it even more difficult to take up insurance, there was rigid pricing that made it financially difficult for consumers and companies were unable to offer what their customers needed. Very different from what happens with comprehensive insurance nowadays.

With the launch of the Insurance System Master Plan in the 1990s, carried out by the Federal Government, this situation changed.

It aimed to make insurance more accessible and focused on consumer needs.


This is how comprehensive insurance coverage emerged, where a single policy covered different situations, and the insured had an easier time both when activating the insurance and paying the premium and deductible.

What is comprehensive insurance?

Comprehensive insurance is characterized by a single policy that includes different types of coverage such as theft, collision, fire and much more.

With it, the consumer has all the information about risks and coverage in the same document and this model has been used since the creation of the Insurance System Master Plan in 1990 until today with great success.

In general, comprehensive insurance brings together the main coverage necessary for policyholders who wish to protect their vehicle in a more complete, comprehensive way.


Among these coverages, the main and most common among insurers are:

  • Robbery and theft;
  • Fire, lightning strike and explosion;
  • Hailstorm, earthquake and hurricane;
  • Floods and flooding;
  • Falling bridges and cliffs;
  • Collision, rollover or collision;
  • Objects falling onto the vehicle;
  • 24-hour assistance including towing, mechanical assistance and more;
  • Damage caused by third parties.

In addition to these coverages found in comprehensive insurance or complete insurance, as it is popularly called, the insured can also count on additional coverages such as a spare car, glass protection, equipment, armor and more.

This will directly depend on the needs of each insured person and what the insurer has to offer.

Comprehensive insurance covers third parties?

In some insurers, coverage for damage to third parties is offered within comprehensive insurance, in others it is considered as additional coverage and must be purchased separately.

Therefore, the answer to this question is, it depends.


If you want to know whether a particular insurer offers this type of coverage included in comprehensive insurance, it's worth asking your broker.

Advantages of comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance has greatly facilitated the relationship between consumers and insurers, in addition to bringing other benefits, which have made life more dynamic and safer for both, here are some:

  • Regulation by SUSEP, ensuring that the product complies with commercial rules and that companies are authorized to sell this type of product;
  • Reduction in rates, since all information is gathered in a policy and is sold as a set;
  • Easy understanding and use of insurance, as all coverage is combined into a single policy, making it easier to understand the insurance and its conditions;
  • Possibility of setting up personalized insurance, as, in addition to the existing coverage in comprehensive insurance, it is possible to add others.

How to take out comprehensive insurance?

To access this type of coverage, the first step is to carry out a good search among existing insurers.

This is necessary because even though it is more complete coverage, it can vary greatly from one insurer to another.

It is important that in this research you pay attention to the coverage included in the comprehensive insurance and the values ​​offered.


To do this, simply request a comprehensive insurance quote for your profile from all insurance companies searched.

After that, choose the one that best meets your needs and offers good value for money, this way you will guarantee complete coverage according to what you need at a price you can afford.

Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!


A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.

Don't forget to always check that the insurance company works within the necessary standards and is duly registered with SUSEP – Superintendency of Private Insurance.

How does non-comprehensive insurance work?

If you don't want to, or even can't afford comprehensive insurance, don't worry, there is non-comprehensive insurance on the market.


A simpler coverage, which generally only includes coverage for theft or theft and which has a much more affordable price than complete coverage.

The advantage of non-comprehensive insurance is that, even though it is more restricted coverage, it can be accompanied by other additional coverages such as the protections already mentioned here, among others.

For those looking for complete protection for their vehicle, comprehensive insurance is certainly the best option.

So that you don't have many problems or difficulties in your search, seek help from a trustworthy broker.


What is comprehensive insurance?

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What is comprehensive insurance?


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What is comprehensive insurance?

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