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What types of car insurance coverage are there?
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It is essential to know the types of car insurance coverage. This way, you will know exactly what to hire for your vehicle. See the text.

There are several car insurance coverages and, before signing the insurance contract, it is essential to know what protections are guaranteed by the plan.


This way, you will be sure of the situations in which your car will be protected.

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In fact, car insurance coverage is exactly that: the situation in which the car will be covered.

In other words, the claim will be reimbursed by the insurance company.

With reimbursement from the insurance company, the consumer is protected from major losses.


In addition, his life will be easier, as the vehicle repair will be expedited by the responsible company.

There are basically two types of car insurance coverage: basic and comprehensive.

The basic modality only covers robbery, theft and fire.

The comprehensive one will cover collision, collision, rollover or skidding and an external object falling onto the vehicle.


Comprehensive insurance coverage also includes:

  • Damage caused when the vehicle is being transported;
  • Harmful act carried out by third parties;
  • Flooding, flooding and inundation;
  • Hangover, gale, hail and earthquake;
  • Lightning, fire or explosion;
  • Theft or total or partial theft;
  • Damage caused by the transported cargo.

Below, we talk a little more about each of the coverages that you can take out in car insurance. Follow along!

What types of car insurance coverage are there?

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Car theft occurs when there is contact with the victim, and this can include violence.

The situation is only considered when the entire vehicle is taken.


The subtraction of only accessories requires specific coverage for them.


In cases of theft, the insured only realizes that the car was robbed later.

This is because he will not have witnessed the fact.

The rule is the same as for theft, only regarding the total theft of the car.



A car fire can occur due to a malfunction or external factors.


A collision usually affects mainly the outside of the car but, depending on its severity, it can damage the engine and other parts of the vehicle.

The most well-known type of collision is a crash, but insurance also covers pileups.

Overturning or skidding

When the driver loses control of the vehicle, the car can roll over or skid.


It may even leave the track or roll.

External object falling onto the vehicle

Vehicle object coverage covers any object that could cause damage to the vehicle.

Such as a stone that breaks the front window or another object that comes off, for example, from a truck.


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Damage caused by transported cargo

This occurs when the vehicle carries an object that can become detached and cause damage.


Insurance coverage covers losses caused by this situation.

Harmful act carried out by third parties

In this case, the car is damaged due to other people.

It is essential to know the rules for this type of coverage in your contract.

This is because the insurance company often requests that the person causing the damage (the third party) pay for the loss.


If this is the case, you may not be able to count on assistance from the company, having to wait for the goodwill of the other individual.

Flooding, flooding and inundation

The three situations occur as a result of climate problems and the structure of cities.

The large volume of water can harm the outside of the car, its engine and the inside of the vehicle.

Hangover, gale, hail, earthquake and lightning

All of those mentioned are due to climate problems.


Problems can cause damage, mainly to the car's bodywork and windows.

With the insurance company's protection, any losses will be compensated.

But it's important to know which parts of the vehicle will be covered.

In many cases, the window covering is sold separately.


Coverage for damages to third parties

This coverage can also be added to the insurance upon request by the insured.

It is known as Optional Civil Vehicle Liability (RCF-V).

Coverage for third parties will guarantee the payment of compensation to other people who have been injured in an accident with the insured.

This type of coverage guarantees compensation for moral and material damages and also the payment of a lawyer and legal costs.

Passenger Personal Accidents

Passenger coverage is responsible for compensating passengers of the insured vehicle that has been involved in an accident.


Compensation is paid in the event of medical and hospital expenses, death or permanent disability.

In all situations, the limit values ​​will be established in the contract.

Additional coverages

Additional auto insurance coverage can be purchased one by one as long as the insurer makes this option available.

They will serve to make car insurance more complete and to protect the car against more situations.



Additional coverage for accessories covers sound and image equipment and other equipment installed in the car.

It is necessary to indicate to the insurance company all items that need protection.


It is valid for cars that came with this feature from the factory or that were added later.

Through this coverage, damage to the vehicle's armor will be covered by the insurance company, preventing losses to the insured.



Meanwhile, the glass cover is used to repair or replace the glass after damage.

Normally, it is only with your contract that the car's windows are covered by the insurance company.

gas kit

Coverage for gas kit, in turn, is valid for damage to equipment or theft of the vehicle.

Backup car

With the backup car option, the insurance company provides a loaner car in case of theft, theft or repair as specified in the contract.


24-hour assistance

24-hour assistance services are additional and include options such as a tow truck, electrician, mechanic and others.

Many insurance companies even offer home services as an addition to car insurance.

Green Card

Finally, the Green Card guarantees coverage in case the car suffers accidents while in Mercosur countries.

There are also other additional coverages, which may vary from one insurer to another.


Therefore, it is always necessary to check with them what options are available.

Auto insurance coverage and deductible

After taking out car insurance coverage, it is essential to know when it will be valid.

There are two situations in which the insurer's help can be requested: in partial loss and in total loss.

Partial loss occurs when damage to the vehicle is less than 75% of the car's value.


In this situation, the insurance company pays for the car repairs.

However, for this payment, the user must pay the insurance deductible.

In insurance, the deductible is the cost that the insured is responsible for when repairing the vehicle.

It is through this that the insurance company and the insured party share the losses caused by the vehicle.


For example: your car suffers a collision, and the repair will cost R$3,000.

Your insurance deductible is R$1,000 and, therefore, you will pay R$1,000 to the workshop.

The insurance company will pay the remaining R$2,000.

In addition to the main deductible, the user may need to pay the deductible related to additional coverage contracted.


Especially if it is only necessary to activate additional coverage.

This means that repairing car windows, for example, may require the payment of a proportional deductible.

The rules will be listed in the contract, and can also be consulted with the insurance company.

In addition to partial loss, the car may suffer a total loss.


In other words, when the damage exceeds 75% of the car's market value.

In this case, there is no need to pay a deductible.

The consumer will receive full compensation for the vehicle, towards the purchase of a new one.

The same will happen if the car is stolen or stolen, and not recovered by the police.


Ready! Now you know the main types of car insurance coverage.

Before hiring yours, talk to the insurance company.

This will ensure greater security and correct choice of protections.


What types of car insurance coverage are there?

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What types of car insurance coverage are there?


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What types of car insurance coverage are there?


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