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What is respect in a couple?

Without love, a couple rarely goes far together. But feelings are not enough to ensure the happiness of a romantic relationship. We must also share values, and some of them are fundamental. Similar to trust, respect is a core value, essential to any relationship. (What is respect in a couple)

It helps build a strong relationship. This respect must, of course, be mutual on the part of both partners. But we must not forget that to live a balanced and respectful relationship, we need respect for ourselves and not only for others. In other words, it is important to respect oneself and to respect oneself. So, what is respect in a couple?

What is respect in a couple? Start by respecting yourself

1/ Appreciate at its fair value

To have a good self-esteem is not to believe that one is better than others, but simply to think that we have a real legitimacy, in the same way as anyone else. If we believe in ourselves, others will recognize our value and by interaction we will respect the value of others.


What is respect in a couple

In a couple, it’s the same thing. Thinking that one is an “I” or a “me” makes it possible to recognize the “I” or “me” of the other. And if each takes its place and gives it to the other, then the “we” is balanced and has its own value in the eyes of the couple and others.

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