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What is the best insurance for Uber? Look!
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Do you intend to work with Uber, but need to purchase protection for your vehicle and don't know which insurance company to hire? Check out the best insurance for Uber here!

Present in Brazil since 2014, Uber and ride-sharing companies have revolutionized transportation in the country. Transport via app has not only brought a new way of getting around, it has brought a new profession: the app driver.


Many people chose to work as an app driver as their main income or as additional hours, due to the high demand, low investment and the ease of being their own boss. After all, it is the driver who decides what time he will work and the number of hours worked.

This revolution in the form of transport is good for the economy, in addition to helping to preserve the environment. A car transports several people in a single day, reducing the number of cars on the streets and emitting fewer toxic gases.

However, many drivers are already concerned about the protection of their car, as they are exposed to it every day and because the car is their work tool. Therefore, it is important to take out the best insurance for Uber. Know more!

What is the best insurance for Uber?
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Auto insurance x Uber insurance

If the driver already has car insurance when he chooses to work for Uber, this insurance must be changed. Ordinary car insurance does not normally cover accidents involving passengers, only damage caused to third-party vehicles.

Most companies require that the car has APP-type insurance, which covers personal accidents for passengers. This insurance is essential, as it will compensate users in the event of an accident, removing liability from the driver in these cases.


When quoting the insurance, the driver must inform that the vehicle will be used to transport passengers. The value may be a little higher, but omitting this information to avoid the higher value will result in the insurance company not compensating the driver in accidents, if it is proven that the vehicle was used to transport passengers.

Companies only require APP insurance, but drivers are choosing to take out auto insurance. Therefore, to protect your vehicle from theft, robbery and be insured in the event of collisions.

Many insurers already have specific insurance for Uber, and if the driver already has regular car insurance, it is possible to carry out just one endorsement to migrate to app-based car insurance.

What should I include in my policy?

Insurance that compensates passengers for personal accidents, which is required by companies, compensates passengers in the event of accidents to pay for medical expenses, partial or total disability and in the event of death. Compensation generally has a limit of 50 thousand reais.


Ideally, the car should also be insured against theft, robbery, collisions and insurance for third parties, to also be protected against the unforeseen events of everyday life. A simple crash can prevent the driver from working for days because the car is in the workshop.

Another feature that car insurance offers is 24-hour assistance, with a tow truck, tire repair shop and other services. After all, a flat tire can significantly delay a driver's work if they do not have insurance assistance.

Being insured, the driver guarantees quality assistance, quickly. Therefore, in a profession where you are paid for each race completed, the more time on the streets, the more pay for the driver.

And having the car unable to run can cause harm to the worker. Do you agree?


What is the ideal type of insurance for Uber?

The ideal Uber insurance includes APP Insurance (Personal Passenger Accidents) and comprehensive coverage (complete car insurance) in the policy. If this insurance is far beyond the driver's budget, it is recommended that, in addition to the APP, you at least take out insurance for your vehicle.hearsay and theft, to be supported at least in these cases.

But insurers that offer Uber insurance offer flexible payments, and the full value ends up being much lower than the cost of a repair, for example. The largest insurance companies in the country already offer this specific type of insurance.

Want to know which insurance companies offer insurance for Uber? Check out our list of the best!

How much does Uber insurance cost?

The cost of insurance for Uber varies greatly. This is because insurers consider several factors as influencing the price of car insurance.


Among them, the driver's profile, which takes into account age, length of driving license, address, driver history, such as fines and others. Furthermore, the coverage contracted weighs in the calculation of protection.

However, when the insurance company carries out an inspection of the vehicle, it can calculate the exact amount to protect an Uber. Therefore, to find out how much Uber insurance costs, it is important to get a personalized quote.

Be sure to only quote from reliable insurance companies. To do this, check your registration with SUSEP.

Number of car thefts in 2015 rose


What is the best insurance for Uber? Look!

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What is the best insurance for Uber? Look!


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What is the best insurance for Uber? Look!


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