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What is Uber APP insurance? Understand everything!
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If you drive or are thinking about starting to drive with Uber, you know that you will need to take out Uber APP insurance. In this article you will learn more about this service and understand how it works.

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Uber is a technology company that connects private drivers to customers through a cell phone application.


From its inception, in June 2010 until January 2018, it has already grown a lot, being active in more than 700 cities around the world, of which more than 100 are located in Brazil.

Uber is a simple platform that makes it possible for anyone to request a car to travel a route, or join the company as an employee and start driving in partnership with the company.

Proof of this is that Uber has more than 600 thousand drivers in Brazil and 22 million users.

If you intend to join this partnership as a driver, you know that, despite being simple, there are some requirements that must be met.


Among them is hiring Uber's APP insurance.

In this article we will explain what this insurance is about, how it works, values ​​and much more.

What is Uber APP insurance?

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Understand Uber's APP insurance better

Uber's APP insurance is protection that the driver will have when joining the platform.


This insurance is aimed at protecting the passengers of the vehicle.

APP insurance – Passenger Personal Accident Insurance, is coverage that covers people present in the vehicle linked to Uber, at the time of a collision or any other accident that may cause damage to the physical integrity of the passenger.

This is insurance that is automatically made available through the Uber platform through a partnership with Chubb Seguros Brasil, SA

In other words, after meeting all the requirements to be an Uber driver and being approved as a new employee, you will be automatically entitled to Uber's APP insurance.


How does Uber's APP insurance work?

Uber's APP insurance not only protects passengers, from the beginning of their trip until its end, it also covers contributing drivers during their period of work with Uber.

This means that, if an accident occurs during a trip, both the driver and the passenger will receive medical attention and will have all the coverage available in Uber's APP insurance.

To do this, the driver simply needs to contact Uber, through the company's communication channels, and notify them of the accident.

This claim will be analyzed by Uber and then passed on to the insurance company, so that all necessary measures can be taken.


It is worth noting that the insurance is only valid during trips, as soon as they are completed, it is no longer valid.

What does Uber APP insurance cover? What are the compensation amounts?

Uber's APP insurance offers compensation in cases of accidents that cause physical damage.

In addition to covering situations such as emergency care, removal, medical care, medication and hospital, dental and surgical expenses, it also provides compensation in cases of partial or total disability and compensation for accidental death.

All of this applies to both drivers and passengers.


It is worth mentioning that the compensation amounts have a ceiling, that is, they are made to passengers or drivers according to the damage suffered, and can reach a maximum amount, which is fixed.

See the maximum compensation amounts for Uber's APP insurance, below:

  1. Compensation for medical expenses

Compensation for medical, hospital expenses and dental procedures can reach a limit of R$15,000 per passenger and/or driver.

This compensation is promoted as reimbursement, that is, all proof of these expenses must be presented to Uber and the insurance company for the money to be returned.


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  1. Compensation for partial or total disability

Disability compensation, whether partial or total, is promoted according to the victim's loss.

In other words, the value will depend on the degree of disability, be it the loss of a limb or loss of functionality of one of them.


Compensation in this case can reach a maximum value of R$100,000, per passenger and/or driver.

To access it, you must present a medical report that proves the disability and attests that it occurred due to the accident suffered.

  1. Death compensation

This compensation is paid to family members or people close to the passenger who dies as a result of the accident suffered during the trip with one of the cars linked to Uber.

The value of this compensation is R$100,000 per victim.

Uber and DPVAT App Insurance

Even though it has its own insurance, Uber requires its drivers, when registering, to provide proof of licensing of the car to be used.


This licensing guarantees that the car is in good condition to travel on the streets, and also says that the situation with the DPVAT is regularized.

Therefore, even if the driver and passenger are entitled to compensation from the insurance company, they do not lose their DPVAT insurance.

DPVAT is mandatory insurance for all Brazilian cars, and covers accidents involving victims.

The insurance compensates for accidents resulting in disability, death and medical expenses.


It does not, however, cover cases of accidents without victims that have a foreign vehicle involved.

The insurance is also restricted to accidents on land caused by motor vehicles.

Which insurance company does Uber work with?

In July 2017, Uber entered into a partnership with the insurance company Chubb Seguros Brasil, SA, here in Brazil.

This union came to make the insurance contracting process simpler and cheaper for the employee.


Furthermore, the activation process has also become simpler, as now you just need to contact Uber directly and it will take care of taking all the necessary measures.

This insurance company is duly registered with SUSEP – Superintendency of Private Insurance, the body responsible for supervising all companies and professionals working in this sector.

However, it appears that the driver is not obliged to take out Uber's APP insurance with Chubb Seguros.

In other words, you are free to quote APP insurance with other insurers and choose the one that offers the best prices and conditions.

In other insurance companies, when taking out this coverage it is necessary to stipulate a maximum compensation value, which can generally be chosen from R$50,000.


It is worth mentioning that, in other insurance companies, this coverage will only be valid for passengers, that is, the driver will not be covered if he is also injured in an accident.

Another point that needs to be mentioned is that Uber's APP insurance will only be valid for rides carried out through the app.

Therefore, if you are driving privately, or are out for a walk with your family and suffer an accident, there is no point in contacting Uber to request assistance through insurance, it will not happen.

AP Insurance

AP insurance, in fact, is a type of life insurance.


AP is an acronym that stands for Personal Accidents.

It can be hired by anyone who wants to protect themselves from possible accidents that lead to temporary or permanent disability.

As it is life insurance, not car insurance, AP insurance covers various types of accidents, whether caused by traffic or not.

In other words, it leaves the insured protected almost all the time.


Within the AP insurance modality, there is AP Passenger insurance.

It has the same coverage as APP insurance, but is specific to passengers of the insured vehicle.

It will be included in the insurance policy, and will cover the passenger in various accidental situations.

For those who want an alternative to Uber insurance, and that meets all the application's requirements, this may be the best option.


This is because, in addition to having a very affordable price, it is also easy to hire, as it does not require an inspection, and has perfect coverage for app drivers.

To find an even better alternative, the ideal is to get a quote from more than one company, as prices can change from one company to another.

The value also varies according to the type of activity for which the car is used (in this case, transporting passengers via apps), and the number of passengers that are transported.

Although the number of passengers is different each day, it is important that the driver gives a number that is very close to reality, or makes an approximate average.


Because, reporting a much lower number than the actual number, in an attempt to make insurance cheaper, can cause problems at the time of an accident, which leads to much greater losses.

APP insurance can be found for around R$80 per year.

Auto insurance for Uber

Full auto insurance is important for drivers, as they depend on their vehicle for work.

As APP insurance does not cover material damage to the car, having coverage that protects this asset is also crucial.


And having APP insurance does not interfere with having car insurance.

Car insurance makes a difference in cases of theft, theft, fire, flood and collision.

And with some additional coverage offered by insurance companies, such as towing service and 24-hour assistance, the driver can count on help in emergency situations.

However, it is very important that when taking out any type of insurance, the driver provides the correct information, such as the fact that the vehicle is used for the Uber service.


This way, the insurance company will know the situations in which the car will be involved and in the event of an accident, it will pay the compensation correctly.

It is better to pay for more expensive insurance and be protected in the situations mentioned above, than to omit information at the time of contracting, pay for the insurance and then not be entitled to compensation.

In the case of Uber drivers, the insurance company may also ask the average mileage driven per day, and it is very important that the driver answers this question honestly.

Any untrue information given by the insured may cause the insurer to reduce or even deny compensation to the insured in the future.


Is having other passenger insurance important?

If the car is only used for work, there is no need to take out insurance for passengers, as they will not be in the vehicle when it is not racing.

However, for those who use the car for other activities, whether for work at other times or for a walk with the family, it is worth considering this alternative to protect the other occupants of the vehicle.

If you are interested in having private passenger insurance, you can sign up with your car insurer, simply request the inclusion of this coverage.

Uber's APP insurance, in addition to being mandatory, is an excellent way to keep drivers and passengers safe from huge expenses if an accident happens.


If you still have any questions about Uber APP insurance or other matters, please contact us.

What is Uber APP insurance? Understand everything!

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What is Uber APP insurance? Understand everything!


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What is Uber APP insurance? Understand everything!

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