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Leave your popular car with luxury protection!
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Corsa Insurance: protect your popular car!

This article shows you everything you need to know about the Chevrolet Corsa, one of the most purchased popular cars. And you still take the opportunity to see why it is advantageous or not to have one and take out Corsa insurance.

About the Corsa

One of those chosen to form Chevrolet's line of popular cars, the Corsa began its design at the end of the 70s. At the time, it would be manufactured by Opel (a subsidiary of General Motors).

Here in Brazil, the official launch took place on January 10, 1994 with the 2nd generation of the German Opel Corsa to replace the Chevette (who doesn't remember this model?).


Its first versions were Corsa Wind 1.0, Corsa Wind Super 1.0, Corsa GL 1.4 and Corsa GSi 1.6 (16 valves) until reaching the most current ones today.

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And amidst so many evolutions of a model that has a lot of history, knowing the disadvantages and advantages of the Chevrolet Corsa helps you when buying a new car.

What is the value of Corsa insurance?

The value of Corsa insurance can vary greatly depending on the region or conditions in which you will use the vehicle. This happens with all car models and this one would be no different. However, the average for those thinking about hiring one is R$1,300 for a Corsa Classic. For a more common model, the value can be R$2,300.

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Therefore, the variation is large and the best way to save on insurance for your Chevrolet Corsa is by getting a quote and comparing prices from the best insurers. This way your car is protected without you spending a lot!

Advantages and disadvantages of owning a Corsa

The trunk is among the advantages highlighted by Corsas owners. Furthermore, the consumption of a popular car and also the cost-benefit in relation to the price and purchase value are considered great advantages for anyone who wants to have a Corsa.

The main disadvantage is the big problem that surrounds popular cars: the high rate of theft. According to the National Confederation of Insurance Companies (CNseg), between January and November 2012, Denatran recorded 10,119 robberies and thefts of the model, leaving it in 4th position among the most stolen cars.

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However, if you look at its advantages and see that this disadvantage can cease to exist by taking out car insurance, it becomes easier to buy your new car.


Why take out insurance for your Corsa?

Corsa Insurance: protect your popular car!
Corsa Insurance: protect your popular car!

As already mentioned, the Chevrolet Corsa is among the most stolen cars in 2012. This is no surprise, as being among the most popular, they are targeted by criminals due to the easy sale of parts. This is a great reason to protect your vehicle and make it as safe as a luxury car that isn't as targeted because it attracts a lot of attention.

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Protecting your Corsa with car insurance won't leave you off the list of those most targeted by thieves, but it will certainly give you peace of mind when going out with your family in big or small cities, going to work, traveling or just leaving the garage without be afraid of having to bear the loss alone.


Thus, in addition to protecting the integrity of the vehicle and the family, it ensures that your days are more peaceful and your trip does not end because of a possible accident. With car insurance it is much easier to be prepared for everyday unforeseen events and be able to have a popular car.

Leave your popular car with luxury protection!

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Leave your popular car with luxury protection!

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