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Without João Guilherme, musical series ‘Vicky e a Musa’ is launched in Rio

first job of João Guilherme on Globo, the series “Vicky and the Muse”by Rosane Svartman, was officially launched this Saturday morning, July 15, at Kinoplex Globoplay, in Leblon, a neighborhood in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

The work on the series preceded “Vai na Fé”, a 7 pm soap opera signed by Rosane.


In the musical are Jean Paulo Campos and Manu Estevão, Yuri and Duda from the TV show, as well as experienced actors like Stela Freitas, Letícia Isnard, Cris Vianna, Nicolas Prattes and many other new talents.

It is worth noting that children’s work will have versions with different approaches for Globoplay and Gloob.


This year’s school holidays gain extra doses of emotion with the debut of an original Globoplay series focused especially on children and teenagers. ‘Vicky e a Musa’, the first musical created by Estúdios Globo, is a super production signed by a renowned Globo drama team that promises to win over children and young people in the country with a story about the transforming power of art. Authored by Rosane Svartman, under the artistic direction of Marcus Figueiredo and genre by José Luis Villamarim, the musical series brings grandiose and playful scenes with the participation of characters from Greek mythology.


“Art is transformative and helps us rethink life. It is a way for us to reflect on what we are living and our daily lives, and it can be a place to escape from a harsher reality. And talking about art is not just talking about the artist, it is also talking about the public and how – along with culture – it can be revolutionary in the lives of each one of us”, defines author Rosane Svartman.

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Music and dance, in particular, are the guiding thread of this story that begins with the friendship of two girls. Vicky (Cecília Chancez) has been sad since her best friend Luara (Tabatha Almeida) decided to leave her aside and started ignoring her. Tired of this situation, the student vents in the neighborhood square. Unbeknownst to her, her call for help will be answered by Euterpe (Bel Lima), muse of music. After helping countless artists who became musical icons with her enthusiasm, the daughter of Zeus arrives on Earth with only one purpose: to inspire Vicky, and through her, others.

In addition to original songs, the work features iconic scenes with actors and artists in special appearances singing well-known national music titles, which promise great moments throughout the episodes. “Music and dance work as narrative tools and the clips inserted and starring the characters integrate specific moments of each one in the plot. We will have about 80 reinterpretations of national songs in a variety of genres, ranging from classical to rock, passing through bossa nova, samba, pop, funk, among others”, says artistic director Marcus Figueiredo.

Another singularity of a musical is its cast. “It is the first time that Estúdios Globo has created a musical and, therefore, the entire casting process was very special. We are looking for actors who can act, dance and sing brilliantly. We are launching young actors, but we also brought renowned names from the theater. It’s a very diverse cast in a genuinely Brazilian musical”, says genre director José Luis Villamarim.


The result of Globo’s new integrated production model, the project was conceived to be shown on two platforms: Globoplay and Gloob, with special versions for each of them and exclusive scenes. In the plot of Globoplay, the dilemmas of adolescence stand out – a time when “everything seems like the end of the world and, in fact, it is just the beginning”, in the words of the author, in addition to the maturation of young adults, their professional choices that overlap with dreams, entering the job market, relationships that change over time, among other issues. On Gloob, the plot features exclusive scenes focused on children. All within the same dramaturgical universe, but with different approaches, bringing the playful, musical, colorful and inspiring side, typical of the great successes aimed at children and young people.

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‘Vicky e a Musa’ is an original Globoplay musical created and written by Rosane Svartman, who signs the text with the authors Bia Correa do Lago, Juliana Lins, Rafael Souza Ribeiro and Sabrina Rosa, with research by Raphaela Leite, direction by Ana Paula Guimarães, artistic direction by Marcus Figueiredo, production by Isabel Telles Ribeiro and genre direction by José Luiz Villamarim.

The arrival of the first season of the plot is scheduled for July 19 on Globoplay. The premiere of the Gloob version is scheduled for 2024.


Without João Guilherme, musical series ‘Vicky e a Musa’ is launched in Rio

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