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Game Boy Color: 10 games that revolutionized portability in video games

The Game Boy Color wasn't just an improved version of the iconic Game Boy; it was a true revolution in the world of portable gaming. Introducing the long-awaited addition of color to gaming, the Game Boy Color offered a completely new visual experience for gamers.

But its improvements weren't just limited to the color palette; the device also featured a small size and a host of new features that established it as a giant in its day.


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The list of games for the laptop is impressive, with titles that influenced an entire generation and that are still remembered today as among the best of all time. To satisfy some of the nostalgia, we've listed ten Game Boy Color champions.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

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There were no significant changes to the story or gameplay, just the vibrant colors for the time, which added even more immersion for those who spent hours on that island trying to wake the fish from the wind.

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Image result for the legend of zelda link's awakening Dx

For those who really want to satisfy the nostalgia, it's worth remembering that this month a remake of this classic was released for the Nintendo Switch, with everything the old one had in sensational graphics and some new features, such as the dungeon editor.


Wario Land 3

Released in 2000 for the Game Boy Color, Wario Land 3 is one of the best in its series, which became very famous for the Nintendo handheld at that time. After crashing in a forest due to problems with his flying vehicle, Wario enters a cave and is sucked into a music box.

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The gameplay is very similar to previous games in the franchise, where he has to use enemy attacks to modify his body and access new areas. Over time he will gain new skills and be able to go even further.


Image result for wario land 3 gameplay


Developed by WayForward Technologies and published by Capcom for the Game Boy Color, Shantae was released in 2002. With influences from Castlevania, Aladdin, Mega Man, The Legend of Zelda and anime, mainly Ranma ½, Shantae became a cult classic of the time.

Image result for shantae gbc cover

The game takes place in an alternative world, with different aspects of Arab culture. The purple-haired girl is Shantae, a half-genie who needs to protect her city and the world after the attack by the villain Risky Boots.

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For those who don't know yet, there are several games in the franchise for new generation consoles. A new game will even arrive at the end of this year. Shantae 5 is coming to keep the series alive and with good games.


Dragon Warrior 3

For those who don't know, Dragon Warrior was the name given to the Dragon Quest series in the West. Dragon Warrior 3 was released for the Game Boy Color in 2001, a version of the same game that had been released for the Super Nintendo in 1996.

Image result for Dragon Warrior 3 gbc

Part of the original trilogy, Dragon Warrior 3 told more of Leto's story. The game's class system influenced several RPGs that came later and still has traces of it today in the Dragon Quest franchise.

Pokémon Crystal


For many, Pokémon Gold and Silver were the best games in the franchise to date. Pokémon Crystal is the union of the two with some improvements and therefore it is only fair that it enters our list.

Image result for Pokémon Crystal

With more than a hundred new Pokémon added, a new league and impressive colors for the time on a portable, Pokémon Crystal marked an entire generation on the Game Boy Color.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Season

These two games in the Zelda universe were developed by Flagship – a subsidiary of Capcom, and were so good that they ended up becoming canon in the series. The graphics were so impressive for a laptop, that they ended up mitigating the criticism for the sound, which wasn't so good.


Image result for Oracle of seasons gbc cover

The two games work as a sequence of each other, using passwords or the Game Link cable to integrate. Oracle of Ages focused on puzzles, while Oracle of Seasons focused on action.

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Image result for Oracle of seasons gbc gameplay

Tetris DX

What goes better with a laptop than Tetris? The classic game was a hit on Game Boy and got a DX version on Color.

With colors in the pieces and scenes, it was even cooler for the players of the time. A timeless success that still has versions today.


Image result for Tetris Dx

Metal Gear: Ghost Babel

Hideo Kojima's series was still on track to become one of the most important in history, with the release of Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation. The Game Boy Color also received a version, which served as a non-canon side story.

Image result for Metal Gear Ghost babel cover

The gameplay is very reminiscent of the games in the series until then, with the “top down” vision of the MSX. The difference is that here Snake could move in eight directions and no longer just four, with the scenery rolling after reaching the edges and no longer being replaced.

Image result for Metal Gear Ghost babel



Survival Kids was launched in 1999 and is one of the fathers of the survival genre that only recently became a rage. This Konami classic aims to survive on an island, giving players several ways to progress through the story.

Just like in the best survival games today, Survival Kids required the player to control not only the life bar, but also the hunger, thirst and fatigue bar. It was necessary to hunt, explore the island a lot for resources and sleep to recover.

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Image result for Survival Kids

Mario Tennis

The Game Boy Color had some good Mario games. One of the coolest was Mario Tennis, which, although it only showed the plumber's troupe at the end of the game, was still entertaining like few others.


Image result for mario tennis gbc

The player created his character and enrolled in a tennis school, where he learned about the rules of the game and defeated opponents. Over time it was possible to allocate skill points to improve your attributes. In the end it was necessary to face Mario and his friends.

Image result for mario tennis gbc

Game Boy Color: 10 games that revolutionized portability in video games

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