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Women in Love: Helena and Téo talk to Lucas about the divorce

In “Mulheres Apaixonadas”, a soap opera that is being rerun by Rede Globo, Helena (Christiane Torloni) and Teo (Tony Ramos) did not overcome the crisis in their marriage and decided to separate.


Raquel despairs because Marcos got her phone number and fights with Yvone for giving her number to a friend. She fears it will start all over again. Lorena tells Expedito that she’s going to talk to her family about their relationship. Hilda jokes with her sister who doesn’t believe that Helena and Téo haven’t had a relapse. Hilda says that Sérgio is on edge and asks if Helena knows Mulheres Que Amam Demais. Oswaldo comments that Expedito is having an affair with his boss and Ana gets upset. Raquel still in shock from the phone call. Yvonne apologizes. Raquel says she just doesn’t want Marcos to find out her address. The students talk about the entrance exam. Santana talks about the pains and pleasures of being a teacher. Rafael advises Téo to solve Fernanda’s problem, as she is a snowball about to go down the cliff. Diogo and Rafael speculate about the reason for the dinner offered by Lorena. Lorena announces to her family that she and Expedito are living as a couple. Mocked, Rafael wants them to have children. All are in favor of the couple, except Ana. Ana tells Lorena that the social difference between her and Expedito is very big and Lorena argues that Ana is being as prejudiced as Marta in relation to Edwiges. Ana understands. Afrânio calls Diogo to talk and work things out. Clara and Rafaela don’t like to see Margareth arriving for a meeting with Helena. Helena tells Santana that she’s going to have lunch with Téo and Lucas to tell her about the divorce. Gracinha enters the plot. She and Claudio meet again after many years. Téo finds Helena and Lucas at the restaurant. Affectionate with their son, Helena and Téo tell Lucas that they are separating. Time pass a few days later. Onofre comments that Laura’s birthday would be a good date for her to marry César. Tereza pays attention and comments to Luciana that her friend has chances, as César seemed cold. Fernanda takes Salete to the Hotel Bar to see Téo.


“Mulheres Apaixonadas” is a soap opera aired by Rede Globo between February 17 and October 10, 2003. Written by Manoel Carlos and directed by Ricardo Waddington, the plot had big names in the cast, such as Christiane Torloni, Tony Ramos, Susana Vieira, Dan Stulbach and much more.

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Monday, July 10th

Lucas goes on to tell about the meeting with Fernanda and Salete. Helena feels outraged, although Téo assures her that it’s not what she’s thinking. Rodrigo accuses his sister of having sold out, aggressively knocks on Laura’s window, but she starts the car. Rodrigo chases her on a motorcycle. César is perplexed when his daughter warns him. Rodrigo stops the motorcycle abruptly in front of Laura’s car, which ends up knocking him down and crashing. Téo swears that Fernanda is a friend he helps and that he found by chance. Helena screams that she doesn’t believe it. He accuses Heloisa of being neurotic, of having gone to Fernanda’s house and having told her that Helena no longer feels desire for him.

Tuesday, July 11th


Helena assures her sister that it doesn’t matter now, because her marriage is over and she’s going to start a new life. Heloísa insists that she shouldn’t leave the house, but Helena starts to pack her bags. Edwiges and Cláudio meet at the clinic. Téo tries to stop Helena from going, but she assures him that they were happy, but never had happiness. Helena tells Lucas that she’s going away for a few days. Téo suffers looking at the suitcase. César tells Marcinha that he’s leaving the house. Clara and Rafaela say they were placed in separate classes and would like to continue studying together. Rosinha explains to Helena that she responded to a request from Clara’s mother and she tells her to resolve the situation. Claudio asks Edwiges to forget his mother’s words and kisses her. Vidinha suggests that Doris work as Estela’s secretary.

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Wednesday, July 12th

Rafael gets Téo a room at the hotel. Laura tries to understand why Rodrigo hates her so much and swears that her only sin is loving César too much. Rodrigo doesn’t answer, but continues with a hard look. Marcinha hugs Laura and the two brothers face each other. Estela agrees to do a trial period with Doris, but asks that nothing be said to Eugênio for the time being. Alzira thinks about organizing a fair to buy a new car for Padre Pedro. Marina and Diogo exchange affection, under Sílvia’s dull gaze. Estela gives a piece of jewelry to Doris, who advises her to look for the priest in the church, in the confessional. Rodrigo turns his face to the wall, ignoring his father. Helena explains to her son that Téo traveled instead of him. Doris and Estela arrive at the morning mass. Heloísa has a jealousy crisis because Sérgio babbles the name Solange in his sleep. Estela kneels down in the confessional, takes off her veil and her eyes meet Father Pedro’s.

Thursday, July 13th


Estela sincerely confesses that she has everything, but she feels very unhappy. Luciana talks to her father. Doris hears Alzira talking about the old car. Estela wants to know why she can’t love a religious. Father Pedro guarantees that he will never be able to love her and asks her not to feed this feeling. Heloísa assures Sérgio that she’s going to babble a man’s name when she’s sleeping. Doris suggests that Estela give the church a new car. Fred finds Raquel’s cap in the pool. Eugênio complains about having been betrayed. Lorena fears that the secrets involving Téo will disrupt her life even more. Cláudio insists that Edwiges go to her house one more time. Fred gets irritated when he sees Leonora with Raquel’s cap in her hands. Sérgio tells Leandro that he really wants to be a father. Hilda encourages Helena to spend a few days away and promises to take care of Lucas. Téo gets emotional when talking to his son. Raquel opens the door and faces Fred.

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Fred returns Raquel’s cap, says he had a fight with his mother and agrees to have dinner with her. Leonora wonders about her son’s absence and snoops around in her room. Heloísa oozes bitterness and is criticized by everyone, even by Sérgio. Irene shares with Carlão her suspicion that Doris might be pregnant. Leonora rings the bell, Fred asks Raquel to lie that he’s not there and she arranges to send her away. Sílvia complains about the refurbishment of the couple’s apartment, just to tease Diogo. Leopoldo, who is lying down, sees his granddaughter taking money out of his wallet and closes his eyes, very sad. Leonora smells Fred’s clothes when he gets home. Helena asks Hilda to tell Téo to stay at home with Lucas while she is away. Flora complains that her wallet is missing money, but Leopoldo insists that she is mistaken. Doris insinuates that it could have been Zilda, who is offended. Flora thinks her husband shouldn’t cover for his granddaughter. César comments that Luciana has a future. Marina fights with her parents who speak ill of Diogo. Sílvia and Afrânio realize that Diogo is listening to everything.

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Women in Love: Helena and Téo talk to Lucas about the divorce

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