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Xuxa and Marlene Mattos meet again and open wounds from the past in documentary

The long-awaited moment in which Xuxa and Marlene Mattos meet again and discuss wounds from the past, aired this Thursday (03), in the fourth episode entitled “Encontros e Despedidas” of the series “Xuxa, o Documentário”, made available by Globoplay .

After 19 years, Xuxa and the former businesswoman meet again, to produce the documentary at the Cidade das Artes auditorium located in Rio de Janeiro. The two sat in the same row, keeping a chair away from each other. The conversation began cordially, but it wasn't long before wounds were opened and exposed.


Xuxa and Marlene Mattos

Xuxa and Marlene Mattos during documentary production (Photo: Disclosure/Globoplay)

Many traumatic issues experienced by the queen of shorties were exposed, in addition to revealing the real reason why she broke up professionally with the director.

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The conversation between Xuxa and Marlene Mattos was mediated by presenter Pedro Bial, who saw the atmosphere of initial cordiality change as soon as Xuxa began to talk about having been a victim of false imprisonment by Marlene, who often locked her in the rooms of the hotels where they stayed.

According to Xuxa, the businesswoman locked her so that she could not leave and that no one could enter the space. At this point, Marlene Mattos responded by stating that the presenter was not a prisoner. “Yes, it was a private prison to the point where I banged on the door and no one opened it”detailed Xuxa.

Sasha's mother also recalled another impactful moment she lived in that traumatized her. That was when Xuxa received, without previously knowing, the presence of her father as a tribute, on her program. The idea was by Marlene Mattos, in an attempt to boost the audience at the time.


Xuxa's father appears in a tribute program to the queen of the shorties (Video: Reproduction/X/@novelero)

Luiz Floriano Meneghel, Xuxa's father, went on stage and hugged his daughter, who was crying with her head lowered and did not hug him back. The problem is that the two hadn't spoken to each other for years and the televised moment was quite embarrassing.

Main reason for breakup

Even recounting several traumatic moments lived alongside Marlene Mattos, Xuxa Meneghel revealed that the real reason that caused the two's professional break-up was Marlene's supposed aversion to children.


The presenter says that the last time she had actually seen and spoken to the former businesswoman was right after the fire that broke out in the “Xuxa Park” studio. Xuxa reveals that she asked the director when she would work with children again, because it was her wish. In reply to “queen of the little ones” detailed what Mattos said: “You told me you wouldn’t work with children because you hated children.”said.

Upon hearing the accusations, Marlene Mattos even denied Xuxa, stating that “I didn’t say anything like that, I never hated children”but if he had said something similar, it was only to irritate the singer.

When rebutted by Marlene, Xuxa insisted that, at the time, she asked the director several times if she was serious, if she actually hated children and in response she heard Marlene stating that she was disgusted by “special kids”when they drooled.

Xuxa and Marlene

Reunion between Xuxa Meneghel and Marlene Mattos after 19 years (Photo: Reproduction/Globoplay)

At this point, Xuxa reveals that it was for this reason that he made the decision to separate professionally from Marlene and never again “look in your face”as I didn't want to continue working with someone who categorically stated that he hated children.


On the other hand, Marlene Mattos tried at times to deny the presenter's statements, but finally confessed that she said things to upset, deceive and irritate Xuxa. However, for this situation in question, he just remembers to ask why Xuxa wanted to work with children again and stated that the singer was already old.

Even with the strong accusations, the director ended by stating that she had no reason to and that she would not apologize and detailed that she lived with constant pressure when directing Xuxa's program. Mattos claims that this led her to “a deep tiredness”.

“If I said all that, Xuxa, I regret it. But I can't go back”he concluded.

Although the production of the documentary served to clarify several stories between the two, Xuxa declared on several occasions that the reunion was disappointing and that he expected an apology from his former manager.


Featured photo: Xuxa Meneghel and Marlene Mattos during documentary production. Reproduction/Gshow

Xuxa and Marlene Mattos meet again and open wounds from the past in documentary

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