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Super Rich Boss Spotify Wants To Buy Arsenal

The move from the Spotify boss to the support of the Arsenal legend

The chaotic European Super League triggered a massive demonstration by fans of the 12 founding clubs. From mainland England, fans of The Big Six Premier League, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, demanded that club owners leave.

They asked the club owners to immediately sell their ownership shares. At its most powerful, the demonstration with these demands was addressed to MU because the fans were already stifled by the Glazer family.

However, Arsenal also experienced the same thing. Stan Kroenke, owner of Arsenal with Kroenke Sports and Entertainment (KSE), has indeed become a public enemy of the Emirates Stadium.


1. Kroenke is considered incompetent in taking care of Arsenal

Super Rich Boss Spotify Wants To Buy Arsenal

Super Rich Boss Spotify Wants To Buy Arsenal

Fans demanded Kroenke sell the team because they were considered incompetent in managing it. They made Arsenal’s decline in the last two seasons as the most plausible reason.

Plus, the ridiculous policy of pushing Arsenal to the European Super League, made fans even more furious.

2. Daniel Ek came up with an offer

Super Rich Boss Spotify Wants To Buy Arsenal

Kroenke actually doesn’t have to bother looking for Arsenal buyers. There are already devotees.

He is the boss of Spotify, Daniel Ek. indeed, Ek is predicted to be interested in buying Arsenal for reasons of business expansion.

Moreover, Ek is a loyal Arsenal fan. The Swedish billionaire intends to rebuild the Gunners with a number of projects involving legends.

3. Pan for support from Henry to Wenger

Ek has indeed attracted the attention of a number of Arsenal legends. Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Dennis Bergkamp, ​​to Arsene Wenger, supported Ek’s move to buy Arsenal.

In fact, the four of them are willing to work with Ek if given the opportunity to serve Arsenal again.


“A good example is when a former player, coach, or soccer figure himself manages a club. As a football person, I like it when there are former Arsenal players who manage the club and provide input. Look at me Bayern Munich and Manchester City,” said Wenger. FourFourTwo.


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