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15 tips for insurance quotes
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Getting an insurance quote is the first and probably the most important step in purchasing car insurance. Therefore, in this article we will show you some tips so you don't make a mistake with this choice.

Car insurance price list in 2020

Auto insurance has long ceased to be an optional service and has become a necessity.


After all, in addition to the growing number of vehicle thefts and theft, people are increasingly distracted behind the wheel with cell phones and all available technologies.

That's why having insurance is so important, however, not everyone can pay a lot for this service.

And, finding car insurance with the best coverage and the lowest price can often seem like a very complicated task.

But, in fact, this is possible, you just need to pay attention to the first stage of taking out car insurance, the quote.


Therefore, we have prepared an article with 15 tips for insurance quotes that will help you find good coverage at a price you can afford.

10 tips for insurance quotes

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Discover 15 tips for insurance quotes

To get good coverage at the best possible price, you need to get a good insurance quote, as it is at this initial stage that you will define how much you will pay for this security.

To help with this step, we have prepared some tips for finding the best insurance quotes. Check out:

  1. Search everywhere possible

There are many, many companies that offer this type of service, so giving in to laziness and signing up with the first or second company is completely inappropriate.

The more companies you contact and request a quote, the greater your chances of finding good coverage at a lower price.

Always research the available coverage options and additional services from various insurers and the amounts charged for your vehicle. The more quotes you have, the greater the chances of getting the ideal coverage for your budget.

  1. Pay due attention to online quotes

There are many websites and platforms that can be a good choice when getting car insurance quotes.

In addition to speeding up the entire process, making the search easier, they also save you time and money, as you will not need to leave your home to go to the insurance companies.

  1. Research the suitability of insurance companies

It's not enough to just have different insurance prices on hand if you don't take into account the company that will take care of your car, so always prioritize the best car insurance companies.

There are many of them on the market and not all of them are properly registered and operate within the rules established for the sector.


A good way to find out which are the most reliable is by searching the SUSEP website, the body responsible for regulating the sector.

  1. Research the insurance company’s customer satisfaction index

In addition to knowing whether companies are working legally, it is worth looking for customers of companies with the best prices and services and finding out about issues such as customer service, deadlines, bureaucracy and more.

If you don't know anyone, a tip is to search the Reclame Aqui website for the reputation of the insurance companies.

  1. Compare coverage carefully

Don't just take the lowest price into account when choosing the best insurance quote, as, in addition to the lowest price, you also need to consider the best coverage.

Therefore, focus on analyzing the best value for money, that is, look for the insurance company that offers a good price, but also good coverage.

  1. Consider only the services you really need

It is important that, in addition to comparing the cost-benefit of your insurance quote, you do so only considering the services you really need.

This can make your quote cheaper.


For example, if you have two cars at home, hiring a backup car service may not be necessary, since if something happens you will be able to manage without having to walk until the vehicle is ready.

Another good example is hiring a very high mileage for the tow truck if you don't usually leave the city with your car.

Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!


A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.

Therefore, carefully analyze all services offered and do not hire those that may not be necessary.

  1. Pay attention to your choice of franchise

Normally you will find three types of deductible in a car insurance contract: the normal one, which does not affect the price of the policy, the reduced one which makes the premium value higher, but has a low value if it is necessary to activate the insurance in an accident. and the expanded one, which makes the price of the prize lower, but has a higher value.

If you are a careful driver and believe that you will not be involved in accidents, it is worth considering taking out the extended deductible, this way taking out car insurance will be much cheaper.

  1. Clear all your doubts with the broker

After receiving car insurance quotes and types of coverage offered, ask the broker.

Remember that his role is to help you choose the best possible coverage, which is why he is the best person to help you resolve any doubts you may have so that there are no problems in the future.

  1. Compare existing options

Always consider what is most interesting for your profile when taking out your insurance.

There are several items that make car insurance more expensive or cheaper, such as full or reduced deductible, whether or not there is a tracker, coverage for third parties, etc.

Furthermore, you can count on different types of plans, such as complete, partial or even temporary car insurance.

In the latter, you have insurance protection for as long as you keep the vehicle, which is more advantageous for those who change cars more frequently.

  1. Read the contract carefully

Before signing, it is essential to read the contract very carefully so that you can truly understand your insurance policy and what it will cover.

And don't forget to also pay attention to what is not covered by your policy.

If even after reading everything you still have questions, don't hesitate to ask or change anything.

  1. Do not leave to the last minute

Many people try to get car insurance quotes in a hurry, this should be avoided, especially if you are looking to renew your car insurance.

One of the biggest mistakes in this case is letting the coverage run out and then hiring a new one.

In addition to spending a good period of time without any type of protection for your vehicle, you no longer earn possible discounts and even points in your bonus class.


Therefore, if you are looking to renew your car insurance, start researching other companies before your coverage expires.

  1. Don't forget your bonus class points

If you're looking for a quote to renew your auto insurance, don't forget to use your bonus class points.

Generally, each point is capable of yielding good discounts, so you can take the opportunity to take out more complete car insurance at a more affordable price.

  1. Have a good driving record

Just as the driver's profile is considered when taking out car insurance, so is his driving history.

Therefore, the fewer accidents, fines and incidents you have behind the wheel, the better the prices you will get in your quotes.

  1. Choose your service coverage carefully

Believe me, ditching the 24-hour assistance service to save money is not a good idea, after all it offers a series of advantages that can be used freely, without you losing points in your bonus class or having to pay the deductible.

Therefore, always consider hiring 24-hour assistance, but pay attention to prices and details such as towing mileage and more.

  1. Never lie on an insurance quote

Finally, it is worth saying that if you are taking out insurance for the first time or renewing it, it is essential that you do not lie when providing your personal and profile information.

If you do this in order to get a lower price and the insurance company later discovers the lie, you will lose the right to contracted coverage.

Therefore, provide your details in the right way so that you do not have any problems regarding compensation, should anything happen.

How important is it to get an insurance quote before hiring?

Looking for multiple auto insurance quotes is not a way to waste time analyzing different proposals that seem the same.

But rather a way to help you decide on the best product and still save money.


Even if you are used to always renewing with the same broker and insurer, the insurance quote should not be ignored, even if just to compare.

Based on other values ​​obtained in the insurance quote, it becomes easier to negotiate and be able to take better advantage of all possible benefits.

Now that you know the importance of getting a complete insurance quote and how to do it in the best way, it will be much simpler to choose coverage that best suits your profile, at a price within your budget.


15 tips for insurance quotes

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15 tips for insurance quotes


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15 tips for insurance quotes


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