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5 most remarkable grandmothers in the world of games

July 17th is celebrated the Grandparents Day, who are very important people in the most diverse families. The popular saying would say: “grandma is a mother twice” or “grandfather is a father twice”, and psychology itself understands that these people are essential for establishing a strong emotional bond with their grandchildren, passing on wisdom and experience, in addition to being an exchange of values ​​between generations. Thinking about these very special people, nothing fairer than selecting 5 remarkable grandmothers from the world of games.

1 – Galuf in Final Fantasy V

5 most remarkable grandmothers in the world of games
Galuf and Krile star in one of the most emotional scenes in Final Fantasy V

The emotional bond between Galuf and his granddaughter Krile stands out for not being melodramatic or cheesy, having a very intense emotional charge, but which matches the love that a grandfather feels for a granddaughter. The character, who is initially without his memories, ends up recovering them as soon as he sees his granddaughter for the first time, and his love for her also culminates in one of the most emotional scenes in the game between grandparents and grandchildren.

2 – Grandma (Grandma) from The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker

5 most remarkable grandmothers in the world of games
The typical old granny that we all love is Link’s grandmother.

Considered one of the most charismatic characters in the game, Link’s grandmother in Wind Waker lives in a small house and is always busy taking care of her garden and her daily chores. Being the stereotype of the wise old woman, she is a great advisor, and always transmits tranquility and confidence to her grandson, encouraging him to embrace his destiny as a hero.

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3 – Yuriko from Ghost of Tsushima

Wisdom and intelligence are present in this grandmother.

Set in feudal Japan, Ghost of Tsushima introduces the character Yuriko, who is the grandfather of protagonist Jin Sakai. He is a respected and wise elder, who has deep roots in his family’s tradition, as well as an enormous knowledge of Samurai techniques. Yuriko always guides her grandson, giving valuable advice and sharing stories of the bravery and honor of ancient warriors.

4 – Heihachi from the Tekken series

Rivalry and problems mark this relationship, but there is a deeper side to Heihachi who loves his grandson.

Heihachi does not fulfill the role of the “good old man”, demonstrating more to have a complex personality and to be “tough”. Ambitious and ruthless in nature, he is also portrayed as an estranged grandfather and also filled with conflict with both his son and grandson. Even so, within the emotional complexity of the character, there are times when he shows affection towards his grandson and many of his actions sound contradictory.

5 – Cranky Kong from Donkey Kong

5 most remarkable grandmothers in the world of games
Cranky Kong is a reference to the first Donkey Kong from the 80’s


5 most remarkable grandmothers in the world of games

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