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A Film by Beyoncé” will be released in theaters in December
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Beyoncé brought together several famous artists to participate in her film “Renaissance: A Film by Byoncé”. The premiere of the work already has a date set to debut in Brazil, on December 21st. The plot will show details of the Renaissance World Tour, which the artist performed this year, in the United States and Europe.

After the film's trailer was released, several media outlets and celebrities have already left their first impressions of the plot.

Opinions of vehicles and celebrities

The most famous American newspaper, The New York Times, highlighted the entire process of creating the film that lasted more than four years and also highlighted Beyoncé's vision of the power of female work in front of her team. “We watch Beyoncé make decisions about everything from lighting to set decorations to orchestration, sometimes becoming frustrated that her observations go unheard.”. The vehicle also highlighted the difficulties suffered by the singer due to the fact that she is black.


The Rolling Stones also left their comments on the work and highlighted the power of her uncle, Johnny Knowles, to whom she dedicated the 2022 album. “Amid solemn and honorable moments for Bey's late Uncle Johnny, she leaves plenty of room for joy, capitalizing on the Beyhive's virality by turning performances into full-length songs”.

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The singer's mother, Tina Knowles, spoke about her concerns about her daughter's health during her tour. Beyoncé felt a lot of pain in her knees during rehearsals for the tour and at shows, and ended up needing surgery. Tina says that she was terrified by her daughter's need for immediate recovery, as she rehearsed and performed in pain. “I was always afraid she would get hurt again, but she was always like a soldier.”


The vehicles confirmed the reunion of Destiny's Child. Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson will be present in the film, but for a short period. The trailer also gave a spoiler that Kendrick Lamar, Megan Thee Stallion and Diana Ross will also be part of the cast of the plot.

Criticism of the firstborn heiress

Blue Ivy, Beyoncé's daughter with Jay-Z, received a lot of criticism after her participation in the “My Power” tour (2019), dancing alongside her mother. The feature film addresses how the artist dealt with the criticism made towards her daughter and the way Ivy absorbed that as an impetus to move forward.

The singer was disconsolate with what her daughter received and saw on social media after her participation in the tour, the critics said that Ivy lacked sparkle and emotion. But, to Beyoncé's pride, her firstborn took this as encouragement and decided to rehearse more to make better appearances and follow her mother's path.


Featured photo: Beyoncé's film is already receiving press from the main media outlets (Reproduction/Cine Pop)

A Film by Beyoncé” will be released in theaters in December

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A Film by Beyoncé” will be released in theaters in December

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