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After Athletico-PR x Flamengo in the Copa do Brasil, Fernandinho detonates arbitration

Fernandinho made a big outburst on social networks and showed discomfort with the refereeing of Athletico-PR x Flamengo in the Copa do Brasil

After Athletico-PR x Flamengo at Brazil’s Cup,Fernandinho made clear his dissatisfaction with the arbitration of the confrontation. In a press conference, the midfielder questioned some decision Braulio Machado da Silva and made an assessment that went beyond the confrontation between the red and black team, which ended with a victory for the cariocas last Wednesday, the 12th, at the Ligga Arena. The midfielder went so far as to say that the actions of Brazilian referees border on unprofessionalism.


According to Fernandinho, Braulio Machado da Silva made a series of mistakes against Athletico-PR during the elimination of the team in the Copa do Brasil. The red card for Thiago Heleno was the most questioned and made no sense for the midfielder. It is important to remember that Flamengo also left the Ligga Arena in trouble and did not give interviews after the match in the form of protests.

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In some situations, within the game, we are not in a broadcast booth, calm. There, it’s the heat of emotion. Sometimes, you say something, act in a certain way, and the referee makes his decision and it is not possible to understand the criteria that are used. Thiago Heleno’s red card arrived, as did Gerson, to sort out a mess. If you have people to evaluate, why are you expelling the wrong player? These are things and other situations, like stopping the game. Then, he gives seven minutes of added time, there is confusion, and he gave just one more minute“, he stated.

In addition, Fernandinho analyzed Brazilian refereeing as a whole and did not hide his disappointment with the way professionals act. According to him, the preparation of athletes and clubs is not at the same level as that of referees. Football institutions are at the forefront of the judges and he stressed that professionals must follow this evolution.

The preparation of the referees does not seem to match the preparation of the clubs. We need to review this, see what we did wrong in the past, how we got to this moment. You work every day, you have your responsibilities and then the referees act like that. I won’t say it’s unprofessional, but it’s close. And I’m not just talking about this game, there are several games where we’ve seen complicated performances. What are the people who need to review these things?“, he concluded. But Fernandinho would still vent on social networks and the criticisms followed heavily.


Fernandinho also made a strong outburst on social networks!

Today we say goodbye to the Copa do Brasil, but I want to congratulate this group of players, for always looking to grow and improve. It wasn’t easy, given so many circumstances, to perform against a high-level team, as this team did. The goal was not in our favor, and then things got difficult, maybe we didn’t know how to deal with the adversity at that moment, but it serves as a learning experience. Life goes on. Oh and you guys make fun and mock, go there, move on, it’s part of football, always with respect of course… If some have it right.

But anyway, players and staff, the work continues, the processes continue. Athleticana fans, thank you for your constant support, you are a fundamental part for us to continue evolving, now things will change and improve in terms of results, I count on you and we count on you a lot. Talking after an elimination is never easy, sometimes necessary, Sunday has more and we’re going for this victory and playing well, which is our main objective. So much bla bla bla, I know. But it’s a way of saying thank you for the support and asking to continue supporting it, because without you it’s a lot complicated. And that…“, he wrote.

After Athletico-PR x Flamengo in the Copa do Brasil, Fernandinho detonates arbitration

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