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América-MG surprises and defeats Corinthians in the Copa do Brasil!

América-MG beat Corinthians 1-0 on Wednesday night (5) in a match valid for the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil. Juninho’s goal, defensive midfielder and captain of the Minas Gerais team, gave Coelho the victory. The return match will take place on the 15th of that month and will be played at the Neo Química Arena.

América-MG beats Corinthians and takes the lead in the Copa do Brasil (Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@AmericaFC1912)


About the game

The match started calmly, but the teams started to grow after 10 minutes played. At 17 minutes, Róger Guedes made a good move and crossed in the area for América; lateral Marlon pushed aside and Gabriel Moscardo arrived kicking, but the ball ended up going over the goal.

Minutes later, it was America’s turn: Juninho tried to throw a pass at the entrance to the opponent’s area, but the pass was intercepted; in the spare, Juninho himself went into the area and finished, but took it too low and sent the ball over the goal. Then, more pressure from Coelho: Benítez received it at the entrance to the Corinthians area, gave Ruan a pen and kicked; the ball hit Moscardo, Timão’s defender, and was going into the left corner of the São Paulo team’s goal, but Cássio jumped and managed to make the save.

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Coelho kept pressing and managed to open the scoring. In the 30th minute, Lucas Kal played for Juninho, who passed behind defender Gil and ran into the area. The defensive midfielder received and kicked, at first, against Cássio, scoring the only goal of the match.

Near the end of the first stage, Róger Guedes was triggered by the left side. The attacker went to the area, dribbled the defender and kicked; Mateus Pasinato, Coelho’s goalkeeper, managed to make a great save and prevented Timão’s equalizer. Minutes later, Róger Guedes again: Corinthians number 10 received it on the left side, hit the goal and Pasinato appeared once again to defend. The first stage ended soon after and Coelho went to the locker room winning by 1×0.


Corinthians started the second stage by going on the attack. Fausto Vera started on the right and crossed to the middle of the area; Yuri Alberto arrived hitting and sent the ball over the goal. Afterwards, América returned: Everaldo managed to dribble Fábio Santos and lifted the ball in Timão’s area. Danilo Avelar managed to play for Juninho, who played back to full-back; Danilo kicked first and sent the ball out.

In the next minute, Fausto Vera received a pass at the entrance to América’s area and shot towards the goal; Pasinato jumped and made a good save, sending the ball to a corner. Timão continued to press and, in the sequence, Yuri Alberto received a good deep pass from Adson; the attacker entered the area and finished, but Pasinato appeared once again to prevent Corinthians’ goal. In the 22nd minute, América took a breather: Everaldo advanced on the right side, dribbled past Fábio Santos and shot, but the ball went over Cássio’s goal.

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The team from São Paulo continued the attack: in the 28th minute, Matheus Araújo advanced on the left side, invaded the area of ​​América and shot in the right corner, but the finalization was weak and Pasinato managed to defend. In the next minute, Guilherme Biro received it at the entrance to the Coelho area and hit the goal; the goalkeeper from América jumped and made a great save. At the 30th minute, Pasinato again: Róger Guedes was triggered at the entrance to the Coelho area, hit the goal and the goalkeeper from América appeared to defend once again.

Róger Guedes continued looking for his goal. In the 35th minute of the second stage, Timão’s number 10 received the ball on the left side, dribbled past Marlon, shot at the goal and the ball exploded on the crossbar. Minutes later, América found space in Corinthians’ defense: Pedrinho received the ball in the São Paulo team’s area and headed it towards the goal, but Cássio was good and managed to save the header.


Timão continued to try to find some space in America’s defense, but was unsuccessful. With a goal by Juninho, América-MG beat Corinthians in the first clash between the teams in the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil. The second leg will take place on the 15th of this month and will be played at the Neo Química Arena.

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Check out the highlights of today’s match below.

With a goal by Juninho, América-MG beats Corinthians (Video: Reproduction/Youtube/ge)


next matches

América-MG returns to the field on Saturday (8) to face Coritiba, at 18:30, at the Couto Pereira stadium. The match will be valid for the Brazilian Championship.

Corinthians will also visit Atlético-MG on Saturday (8), at 18:30. The game will take place at Mineirão and will be valid for the Brazilian Championship.

Featured Photo: Juninho, scorer of Coelho’s goal, during the match against Corinthians. Mourão Panda/America FC


América-MG surprises and defeats Corinthians in the Copa do Brasil!

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