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Fuzuê: Know the story of Luna and Miguel

If there’s something Luna (Giovana Cordeiro) did not imagine finding at that time in your life is love. What she most wants and searches for, incessantly, is to find clues that lead to the whereabouts of her mother, Maria Navalha (Olivia Araujo), which was last seen at Fuzuê, a department store run by Nero de Braga e Silva (Edson Celulari). But she will see that, in matters of the heart, no one has control over anything.

Miguel and Luna
Miguel and Luna – Globo/Fabio Rocha

Miguel is the son of Nero, a former trader who is proud of his origins and has the store as his true treasure.

To free himself from his father’s control, who saw him as his successor at the helm of Fuzuê, and build his own path, Miguel went to Portugal, where he has lived for four years and where he became a lawyer. Back in Brazil, Miguel went straight to the store to meet the family and is delighted to see Luna, who performs with the children of the NGO where she works as a volunteer. Enchantment also felt by Luna when she noticed the look of the charming young man.


Alicia’s brotherFernanda Rodrigues) and Francis (Michel Joelsas), with whom he has an unfriendly relationship, Miguel will have a great performance to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of Luna’s mother.

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“Miguel knows that he will never be able to have his mother again, but he will do whatever it takes for Luna to have her mother. I believe that this relationship will develop a lot and that Miguel really loves for the first time in his life. Miguel’s mother always said that one day he would find someone and he would be very happy. I think that when he looks at Luna, he remembers what his mother said”, says Nicolas Prattes.

The just and incorruptible Miguel just didn’t know that the cause was not yet won and that, like a valuable treasure, there were more people interested in Luna. Soon, he will discover that he will have to deal with the young woman’s eternally passionate ex-boyfriend, Jefinho Sem-Vergonha (Micael Borges), an app driver and aspiring country singer, who has an on-and-off relationship with Luna, becoming a strong candidate for her heart.

Like every love triangle, the one that will be presented to the public in ‘Fuzuê’ already arouses curiosity about who Luna should be with.


“I think this love triangle will be in doubt (laughs). Not for Luna, but for anyone watching. I think Luna truly loves them both. She has a huge affection for Jefinho and truly falls in love with Miguel. For us, as a spectator, the question remains: who do I want Luna to be with? And I’m sure that doubt will arise, that the fans will be divided because both with one and with the other the relationship involves a lot of affection”, says Giovana Cordeiro.

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But it’s not just Jefinho who will be an obstacle to Luna and Miguel’s romance. The lawyer’s ex-girlfriend, Olivia (Jessica Colors), a Brazilian model of international fame, will also try, at all costs, to get her lover back. Passionate and jealous, the model just didn’t count that she would have to deal with Rui (Pedro Carvalho), a Portuguese modeling agent, professional scammer, who blackmails his supposed cousin whenever he wants something.

Olivia, Miguel and Luna in Fuzuê
Olivia, Miguel and Luna in Fuzuê – Globo/Fabio Rocha

In the list are Giovana Cordeiro, Marina Ruy Barbosa, Nicolas Prattes, Felipe Simas, Edson Celulari, Lilia Cabral, Ary Fontoura, Fernanda Rodrigues, Douglas Silva, Juliano Cazarré, Micael Borges, Olivia Araújo, Leopoldo Pacheco, Zezeh Barbosa, Jessica Córes, Pedro Carvalho, Bia Montez, Walkiria Ribeiro, Guil Anacleto, Heslaine Vieira, Noemia Oliveira, Ruan Aguiar, Bruno de Mello, Danilo Maia, Cinnara Leal, Deo Garcez, Clayton Nascimento, Hilton Cobra, Michel Joelsas, Cyria Coentro, Val Perré, Rogério Brito, Milton Filho , Guilhermina Libânio, Eber Inácio, Ingrid Klug, Maria Flor Silva and Theo Matos.

‘fuzuê’ is created and written by Gustavo Reiz, with artistic direction by Fabricio Mamberti. The work is written in collaboration with João Brandão, Juliana Peres and Michel Carvalho, and is directed by Adriano Melo and directed by Bernardo Sá, Nathalia Ribas and Glenda Nicácio. Production is by Gustavo Rebelo and genre direction by José Luiz Villamarim.

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Fuzuê: Know the story of Luna and Miguel

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