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Miss Universe Brazil 2023: Meet all 27 contestants!

This Monday (3), twenty-seven models, representing all the states of Brazil, went into confinement in a hotel to prepare for the final of the Miss Universe Brazil.

According to MUB’s organization, this year’s awards should exceed R$150,000. The grand world final, Miss Universe 2023, will be held in El Salvador in December. In the final of Miss Brazil, 27 women will represent the states of the country and the Federal District.


Meet the 27 misses competing for the title:

Contestants for Miss Universe Brazil 2023
Contestants for Miss Universe Brazil 2023 – Disclosure

Acre, Ludimila Souza Pereira, 21

Ludimila is a student of the degree course in biology at the Federal Institute of Acre (Ifac), campus of Xapuri, in the interior of the state, and this was the first time that she participated in a competition.

Amapá, Alessandra Ohana Nery Barcellos, 25


Daughter of Miss Amapá in 1984, Alessandra is a medical student. She is in the 6th semester of the course at Unifap and also works in scientific research at the institution.

Amazonas, Alice de Lima Casanova, 25

Born in the interior of Manaus, Alice is an Interior Design and post-graduated in Administration Casanova has black roots and her coronation video had an excellent reception on social networks, with a high number of reproductions and engagement.

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Bahia, Raissa Dutra Rodrigues, 22


Daughter of professors, Raissa Rodrigues, born in Barra da Estiva, student of Dentistry at the Federal University of Bahia.

Daughter of a fisherman from Trairi, Beatriz is a student of the Financial Management course and the youngest of 15 children from Ceará.

Federal District, Thayná Lima, 27

Model since the age of 15, Thayná is 27 years old and is studying Veterinary Medicine, she is very proud of her Quilombola descendants.


Espírito Santo, Anna Beatriz Pereira de Souza, 19

Born in Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo, Beatriz has a degree in electrical engineering and has been in business since the age of 17. In addition to being a professional model, she is also a make-up artist.

Goiás, Renata Guerra Otoni de Abreu, 27

Renata is from Anápolis, Goiás, and lived there until her teens. Professional model, she moved to Europe when she was still young to work, today she is Samira’s mother and is passionate about motherhood in general.


Maranhão, Lorena Caroline Maia e Silva, 27

Businesswoman in the fashion business, Lorena is a model and mother. Lorena is from Minas Gerais but has lived in Maranhão for fourteen years.

Mato Grosso, Barbara Reis, 26

Model and digital influencer, Bárbara is a student of Advertising and Fashion Design, she is 25 years old.


Mato Grosso do Sul, Rebeca Campos Vianna, 24

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Rebeca Viana, 24 years old, model and businesswoman, born in São Gabriel do Oeste, a city in the interior of Mato Grosso do Sul, came to Capital after losing her twin sister and having to start a new moment in her life

Minas Gerais, Isadora Lucia de Souza Silva, 21

Originally from Ouro Preto, Isadora is 21 years old, is a journalism student and recently started her career as a photographic model.


Pará, Milena Gomes de Jesus, 25

Milena is a biology teacher by training and is currently working in the field of artisanal confectionery. She is 25 years old and grew up on the island of Marajó.

Paraíba, Ana Vitória Jacinto Araújo, 24

Ana is 24 years old, is from Paraíba and is a nursing student and model since she was 13 years old.


Paraná, Mariana Becker, 26

Mariana is 26 years old, has a degree in Business Administration and is also a commercial model. She has already lived abroad twice, to study and work.

Pernambuco, Maria Erivânia Izídio Souza, 24

Erivânia is a biology teacher graduated from UFPE and is currently doing a master’s degree in geoscience in the field of paleontology, she is 24 years old.


Piauí, Gabriela Reis Menezes, 26

Born in Teresina, Gabriela is 27 years old, is the mother of two boys and comes from an entire Piauí family. She holds a law degree and works within the area of ​​aviation law.

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Contestants for Miss Universe Brazil 2023
Contestants for Miss Universe Brazil 2023 – Disclosure

Rio de Janeiro, Paula Cardoso, 27 years old

Represented Nova Iguaçu, participates in contests since 2018, model, jiu-jitsu athlete

Rio Grande do Norte, Giovanna Maria França, 22


Giovanna is 22 years old, is a nutritionist and postgraduate student in hospital clinical nutrition and is from Rio Grande do Norte.

Rio Grande do Sul, Maria Eduarda Ribeiro Brechane, 19

Maria is from the city of Rio Grande, interior and coast of Rio Grande do Sul. She is 19 years old and is a communicator by training, studying journalism.

Rondônia, Vitória Ribeiro de Brito, 19


Vitória is 19 years old and passionate about the world of fashion, an entrepreneur in the field, she grew up and was raised in the interior of Rondônia.

Roraima, Manoela Figueira Salcides, 23

Fashion Design student, Manoela is 23 years old, is a dancer and animal activist.

Santa Catarina, Sasha Benner Bauer, 24


Sasha is 24 years old, graduated in Law, born and raised in Blumenau in a very simple family.

Sao Paulo, Vitoria Zenobini Brodt, 24

Graduated in Pedagogy and Economics, Vitória is 24 years old and has always loved to communicate, she is fluent in English and her family base is the art of communicating.

Sergipe, Gabriela Botelho Campos Serrano, 22


Gabriela is 22 years old, born in Minas Gerais, and has been working as a model since she was 4 years old. Graduated in Business Administration, she is currently studying Fashion Design.

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Tocantins, Victoria Guarda Schneider, 23 Born and raised in Palmas – Tocantins, Victoria is 23 years old, has a degree in international relations and economics and is a fashion entrepreneur.


Miss Universe Brazil 2023: Meet all 27 contestants!

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