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American Life – Motorcycle taxi and RCO insurance
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American Life is a company that emerged in 1992, but under a different name, it was called Blue Life. Find out about motorcycle taxi and RCO insurance!

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About American Life

The American Life insurance company has several records that it has broken over the 50 years that it has been operating in the insurance market.

They are very transparent about the processes and operations they deal with in the company and this is a benefit for their policyholders.

American Life brings several benefits to its client and works with a specialized team of employees to assist.

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They are a reference in the market and their market leadership lives up to the service they offer.


This company is a pioneer in innovation. Being one of the first to bring exclusive insurance for diabetics, childhood cancer patients and also for motorcycle couriers.

They bring benefits to different groups of people, focusing mainly on their needs and the ways they can offer quality and improve their lives.

Insurance offered by American Life Seguros

As previously stated, American Life Seguros has some specific products to serve a select group of customers. Today you will learn about your insurance policies aimed at motorcycle taxi and RCO drivers.

American Life Motorcycle Taxi

This insurance is aimed at professionals who work as motorcycle taxi drivers. But it is important to consider whether this activity is actually regulated in your city, otherwise it will not be valid.


And being one of the first insurance policies aimed at this type of service, it also guarantees the protection of passengers using the means of transportation.

With it, you have the right to compensation if an accident occurs that results in death, or causes total or partial permanent disability.

Permanent disability includes situations of total loss of vision in both eyes, total loss of movement in the upper and lower limbs and hands.

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Or one of the hands and one of the feet. A case of total and incurable mental alienation is also a case of permanent disability that results in compensation of 100% of the capital.


In the partial disability category, there are many situations that are covered, but with more diverse scenarios in mind. Incurable muteness, total loss of vision in one eye, total deafness, immobility and others are cases that represent.

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In addition, the coverage also includes funeral assistance and temporary incapacity allowances. The latter is intended only for motorcycle taxi drivers who will lose the day of work in the event of an accident.


American Life RCO

This insurance is, in fact, a social responsibility product, aimed at companies that work with passenger transport services, whether on regular lines, for tourism or charter.

It is exclusive to bus companies that are authorized and regulated to transport passengers in any of the types of services mentioned above.

They must offer some mandatory and optional coverage for companies.

In American Life RCO insurance, there is civil liability coverage for passengers, which is activated in the event of bodily, material or moral damage.


There is also civil liability for third parties not transported, again, for moral, bodily and material damages.

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In addition to offering additional damage coverage to drivers, covering cases of damage to luggage if it is stolen or lost.

In addition, there is coverage for crew members for personal accidents that covers accidental death, disability due to accident or hospital and dental medical expenses.

For passengers, there is personal accident coverage, which covers cases of accidental death, disability due to accident and hospital and dental medical expenses, as well as those of crew members.


The service offered by American Life is very complete for companies and aims to assist in the daily lives of both workers and passengers, whether in motorcycle taxis or buses.

You can still talk to brokers and see what will be included in your insurance policy, once the service is contracted.

In addition, American Life Seguros has other products that offer and can meet different needs. An example is Diet insurance, aimed exclusively at type 1 and type 2 diabetics.

As well as American Life Child Cancer Diagnosis insurance, surgery assistance and many others. Be sure to tell your insurance broker all your needs.


American Life – Motorcycle taxi and RCO insurance

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American Life – Motorcycle taxi and RCO insurance

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American Life – Motorcycle taxi and RCO insurance

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