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Partial theft insurance: understand everything about it!
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Have you ever heard of partial theft insurance? So, understand how partial loss car insurance works and protect your car now for little money!

You are concerned about the high rates of robbery and car theft in cities, but are unable to take out conventional car insurance due to several factors? The number of vehicle robberies and thefts is quite high and this causes people great concern, because the value of a car is quite high to be left at a loss.


So, partial insurance against theft and theft could be the ideal solution to protect your car and give you the peace of mind you need. With it, you have countless advantages and can have a car anywhere, without having to worry about being at a loss if something happens.

How about finding out more about this partial car insurance and getting yours?

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How does partial theft insurance work?

Partial insurance against theft and theft is a lower-priced theft insurance that has many advantages. It is among the cheapest car insurance.


Many people still don't understand how this protection works, but the idea is simple: while in conventional and complete car insurance you have varied coverage against robberies, thefts, accidents, fires, falling trees, etc., in partial insurance you pay just to protect the vehicle against theft and theft.

This way you can have protection against what worries you most and you can park your car calmly without having to constantly check if it is where you left it.

And, although coverage is more restricted, it is exactly what most people are looking for, managing to serve everyone very well.

In addition to this, you can count on assistance that facilitates many other day-to-day services as well, in addition to saving money due to the fact that this insurance has less coverage.


Therefore, taking out partial insurance is simpler and less bureaucratic than regular insurance, and can be taken out even by those who want to take out car insurance with a dirty name.

Take advantage of the fact that it offers many benefits to policyholders who, for various reasons, do not want or cannot have car insurance with full coverage.

Who is partial car insurance against robbery and theft suitable for?

Car theft insurance is recommended for people who drive cautiously and who have a low propensity to get involved in accidents, but who walk in risky areas.

These areas have a higher number of robberies and vehicle assaults and these people seek to protect themselves from them.


Advantages of partial theft insurance

It is possible to mention numerous advantages of partial insurance against robbery and theft, some of which are worth highlighting:

1. There is no profile analysis

Common insurance, unlike partial insurance, requires you to send detailed information about your profile so that the insurance amount can be calculated, which can make it more expensive.

With partial car insurance you don't need to worry about whether or not you have a garage or tracker in your car, as this won't influence it, as they don't evaluate your profile when hiring.

Normally, the profile is used to increase the insurance value according to the risk that each driver presents, and as it is not necessary to go through this step, the value ends up being more advantageous for this reason. This way you can get car insurance at a fair price.


*Check the conditions imposed by each insurer.

2. Accepts old cars

If you have an old car and have tried to protect it with good car insurance against theft, you know that conventional ones do not accept old vehicles. So, it ended up being a mess, right?

This happens because old cars have fewer parts available and in the event of a collision they will either be very expensive or they will not exist, which will mean that the insured will not be able to find them, generating a high cost.

But, with partial insurance you can leave your car with maximum security, regardless of its year of manufacture. After all, if it's an important asset to you, it deserves the same perks as a new car, right?


It is usually well accepted because in cases of theft or theft it will not be necessary to replace the parts but rather pay the value of the vehicle in accordance with the FIPE table or whatever is stipulated in the insurance contract for old cars.

3. Protects your car against theft and theft

The number of incidents of robberies and thefts has only increased in recent years. So, you can no longer rely on luck when leaving your car unattended, even if it's in the garage at home. With this robbery and theft insurance you can relax and stay protected at any time.

4. It has the same value for all ages

As said, there is no profile analysis in partial car insurance, so it doesn't matter if you are 18 years old or 60, as you will pay the same amount. It is ideal for younger people who cannot yet afford conventional insurance due to the high price due to their age.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.

5. It's much cheaper

The value of partial insurance can be up to 50% cheaper than conventional insurance. So in addition to ensuring maximum protection, you also save money. It's great for those who can't pay a high price for insurance, but know that it's important to have this protection.


Partial theft insurance

Partial theft insurance
And for those who think that it is still expensive, you need to consider the cost-benefit. Imagine if your car was stolen, what would be your loss? Is it not worth paying for insurance?

It is worth remembering that it should not be confused with temporary car insurance, as partial car insurance is usually contracted for one year, while temporary insurance may or may not be partial and lasts less time.

6. Can be hired by those who have restrictions on their name

If you have ever had difficulties protecting your vehicle due to not having an accepted registration due to name restrictions, you can rest assured. Everyone can have partial car insurance, regardless of their name status.

7. Offers 24-hour assistance

In addition to protecting your car against theft and theft, it also offers 24-hour assistance. According to the insurer, these may include: locksmith services, vehicle storage, car towing insurance, mechanical SOS, tire change and dry breakdown assistance. It's much more protection for a lower price!

8. Can be hired together with the tracking service

Many companies that operate with the tracking system guarantee even more protection to their customers by offering insurance against robbery and theft. In this way, it is possible, in addition to having equipment that guarantees location in the vehicle most of the time, to also have a service that allows the amount to be reimbursed in case of non-location.


Best of all, in these situations the insurance value tends to be even lower.

Briefly, we can say that the advantages are:

  • It does not require profile analysis, as what is at stake is only the vehicle and the insurance value can be stipulated solely based on it.
  • It can be used for old cars, after all, they usually have difficulty getting insurance. It can even be used for collector cars that are already of a certain age.
  • Protects against what people most worry about, robbery and theft.
  • Its value is much lower and in some cases is up to 50% lower than conventional insurance.
  • It has 24-hour assistance so if your car breaks down you can, for example, count on mechanical assistance and a tow truck.
  • It does not prevent people with name restrictions from hiring you.

Companies that have partial car insurance against robbery and theft

Auto insurance insurers
Auto insurance insurers

Image: Pixabay/Tumisu

Normally, insurers that work with conventional car insurance also provide car insurance against robbery and theft. But there are many options, so you need to research well before choosing.


Not to mention that you must pay attention to hiring only with the most reliable insurance companies from the market. Discover some of the insurers that offer partial car insurance!

1. Azul Seguros

The insurance company offers Azul Seguro Auto Robo, cheaper car protection against robbery and theft. Hiring is easier, the price is more competitive and the company values ​​quality in service.

In addition, the customer has several advantages and benefits, such as:

  • Payment in installments and interest-free.
  • Discount for Itaú account holders.
  • Compensation, with the option of contracting 80, 90 or 100% of the FIPE Table.
  • Coverage against theft, theft and fire.
  • Additional coverage: moral damage, glass, coverage for third parties and extra car for 7 days.
  • 24-hour assistance.

2. Mapfre Seguros

When taking out Mapfre Seguros car insurance with coverage for theft, fire and collision, drivers have more peace of mind and pay less. Within this option, there are many advantages offered by Mapfre Seguros, such as:

  • Accident involving rollover or collision.
  • Theft or theft of the vehicle.
  • Explosion or accidental fire, lightning and consequences.
  • Among many others.

3. Ituran Seguros

A Ituran offers insurance against robbery and theft, as well as 24-hour assistance and a tracker in a single plan. In addition to having tracked insurance, the customer saves more by paying for essential coverage at the lowest price.

Depending on the period in which the car insurance is contracted, the driver still enjoys exclusive conditions and advantages. Whether they are discounts, installments or extra protections for a specific period of time.


4. AutoFácil Insurance

It is insurance that belongs to the BNP group Paribas Cardiff, being an easy protection to hire. Insurance coverage AutoFácil are for robbery and theft. However, customers still enjoy 24-hour assistance and its various services.

As it is partial insurance against robbery and theft, that is, limited, the value is lower than complete car insurance.

Partial car insurance value against robbery and theft

The value will vary from one insurance company to another and they can usually be found from R$69.90. But, to know the exact value you need to get a quote. After all, it can change for more or less.

For example, AutoFácil Insurance can be purchased with a plan starting at R$69.90 per month (according to information on the company's website). This way, it becomes easier for you to protect your property against robbery and theft.


How to make partial car insurance against robbery and theft cheaper?

This type of insurance is usually the cheapest on the market, even more affordable than monthly car insurance, which offers more protection. Therefore, it is difficult to lower its value further.

However, some companies that work with tracking services may offer this insurance option at a more affordable price for those who combine the two services.

How to take out partial car insurance against robbery and theft?

Take out car insurance
Take out auto insurance

Image by aymane jdidi by Pixabay

Before hiring, you need to check what your options are, as in this case the coverage is almost always the same. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the value and also the service that the insurance company offers, and this most often ends up being the difference.


Furthermore, choosing a good broker can make all the difference when it comes to receiving guidance.

To take out partial insurance against theft, you must look for a trustworthy insurance broker. Then you can count on GS SEG, a company that stands out in the vehicle recovery sector, already showing concern for your car, offering the best compensation plan with 100% of the Fipe table.

Take out your partial theft insurance right now and protect your car for little money and with many benefits!

For those who are worried about violence in big cities, this is the ideal insurance, especially because we know that the number of robberies and robberies is only increasing.


Take advantage and get your quote for partial car insurance against theft and theft at!

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Partial theft insurance: understand everything about it!

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Partial theft insurance: understand everything about it!


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Partial theft insurance: understand everything about it!


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