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Bradesco truck insurance: find out everything
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Understand in this article how Bradesco truck insurance works and learn a little more about Bradesco Seguros and its reputation, in addition to the services offered by Bradesco truck insurance.

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If you work as a truck driver, whether on your own using your vehicle, or through a company, you know that traveling through cities or roads transporting cargo is a risky profession.

Vectra insurance: a sedan like this deserves it!

Where at any time it is possible to be robbed and have your vehicle or cargo taken away, or even suffer an accident and suffer immense losses.

That's why many drivers end up choosing to take out insurance, and among the many possibilities is Bradesco truck insurance.

In this article we will talk a little more about this service, explaining what its coverage is, its benefits, how to hire it and what this company's reputation is on websites that evaluate different aspects.

Bradesco truck insurance

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Find out more about Bradesco truck insurance

To be able to correctly choose a product as important as insurance, you need to know all the possibilities offered among as many companies as possible.

In the case of Bradesco truck insurance, also called Bradesco Seguro Auto Frota, we are talking about protection aimed at companies, whether small, medium or large.

Everyone can count on this protection for trucks, utility vehicles and other types of transport.


Bradesco truck insurance had several coverage possibilities and personalized services, all to meet different demands in the market.

It did, because today it no longer exists.

Currently, Bradesco auto insurance only insures small cars.

Bradesco truck insurance covered:

  • Collision;
  • Theft and robbery;
  • Fire;
  • Bodily and material damage to third parties;
  • Personal accidents for passengers;
  • Coverage for Gas Kit;
  • Coverage for moral damages;
  • Compensation for new value for a period of up to 180 days;
  • Glass protection;
  • Backup car;
  • And more.

Discover Bradesco car insurance

Despite no longer offering truck insurance, Bradesco Seguros has several car insurance policies.

Follow below.

Bradesco Auto Insurance

The basic coverage of Bradesco Auto Insurance is against theft, fire, collision and damage to third parties.

In addition to these, the user can choose between additional coverages.

Such as gas kit, moral damages, coverage for passengers, glass and others.


The insurance can be paid in up to 4 interest-free installments.

For installments between 5 and 10 installments, there is special interest.

Bradesco Auto Insurance Woman

Women's Auto Insurance is exclusively for female drivers.

The coverage is the same as the previous ones, but there is no limit to the insurance claim in cases of breakdown.


With this insurance, the user also has an exclusive Relationship Center.

Bradesco Auto + Home Insurance

In addition to car coverage, this insurance guarantees some protection for your home.

Coverage includes: fire, lightning, explosion, loss or payment of rent, wind/smoke and family civil liability.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.

To pay for the service, the consumer can choose the single payment payment option or direct debit.


The user also participates in draws worth R$50,000 per month.

Bradesco Total Auto Assistance

Assistance insurance coverage is more basic.

They include: damage to third parties, 24-hour assistance and residential assistance.

With 24-hour assistance, the insured has assistance such as a tow truck, locksmith, tire change and others.


In the case of residential assistance, the services available are:

  • Keychain;
  • Electrician;
  • Plumber;
  • Glazier.

An advantage of this option is that, as it does not cover damage to the car, the vehicle does not need to be inspected.

This insurance also allows participation in the Bradesco draw of R$50,000 per month.

Payment can be made by debiting your account or credit card, with up to 10 interest-free installments.

Bradesco Auto Account Holder Insurance

Anyone who has an account at Bradesco bank can count on exclusive benefits when taking out this insurance.


The coverage is quite complete for the car.

It is possible to pay the insurance amount in up to 10 interest-free installments.

Bradesco Seguro Auto Light

Finally, it is possible to contract Bradesco Seguro Auto Light.

It is aimed at vehicles with up to 15 years of manufacture and a value of up to R$80,000.


On average, this option is 30% cheaper than traditional car insurance.

Its basic coverage includes collision, fire and robbery/theft.

In the case of a total loss, the insurance covers 80% to 90% of the Fipe table.

In other words, if the car cannot be repaired, the compensation will not correspond to its total market value.

The other basic coverages of this insurance are Civil Liability, Material Damage, Bodily Damage, Moral Damage and Glass Repair.


Apart from car insurance, Bradesco also offers:

  • Health insurance;
  • Dental Insurance;
  • Private Pension;
  • Life insurance;
  • Home Insurance;
  • Cards;
  • Capitalization;
  • Property Insurance and others.

Bradesco Seguros review on Reclame Aqui

In addition to getting to know the company and the products it offers better, you need to know more about its reputation.

To help with this issue, we did a search on the Reclame Aqui website, where you can find information about complaints, problem resolution and more.

The research was carried out on the company Bradesco Seguros, the insurance company responsible for selling Bradesco truck insurance and considers the period of one year between the dates 08/01/2018 to 07/31/2019.

Bradesco Seguros Reputation

Bradesco Seguros Reputation

According to data provided by the website, Bradesco Seguros received 8,070 complaints during this period and responded to 8,056 of them, with an average response time of five days and three hours, thus obtaining a customer response margin of 99.8%.


According to the website, the company's problem solving margin is 79.7%, which classifies it within Reclame Aqui's standards as a 7.2 company, that is, a company with a good reputation.

The company was reviewed by 2,890 customers, who gave it a consumer rating of 5.64.

Of these customers, 56.7% stated that they would negotiate with Bradesco Seguros again.

Among the most complained about problems you can find issues such as:

  • Delay in execution with 1,357 complaints;
  • Undue charges with 1,313 complaints;
  • Issues with chargebacks with 946 complaints;
  • Delay in progressing the process with 934 complaints;
  • Problems in recovering values ​​with 837 complaints;
  • Poor service with 824 complaints;
  • And other questions.

Truck insurance options to purchase

But if you can't take out Bradesco truck insurance, you might be wondering how to protect your vehicle.

The good news is that several insurance companies offer truck-specific insurance.

We selected some of them below.

Porto Seguro Truck

Porto Seguro truck insurance offers coverage for the vehicle and also residential services.

Its basic coverage is as follows:

  • Collision;
  • Fire;
  • Robbery and theft;
  • Damage to Third Parties;
  • Passenger Personal Accidents.

Additional coverage, which can personalize your insurance, includes Loss of Profits due to Vehicle Downtime, Exemption of Deductible for the First Claim and Glass Protection.

Meanwhile, the residential services that come with truck insurance are:

  • Home appliance repair;
  • Repairs to electrical and hydraulic networks;
  • Gutter cleaning;
  • Unclogging;
  • Helpdesk;
  • Keychain.

It is also worth mentioning that Porto Seguro truck insurance offers 24-hour assistance.

In this case, the advantages include sending a tow truck or technician to the consumer in emergency situations.

Allianz Auto Truck

You can choose between four Allianz Auto Caminhão insurance service packages.

They are: the Compact Package, Expanded Package, Special Package and Exclusive Package.


The coverage offered varies, of course, depending on the package chosen.

However, they typically include:

  • Fire;
  • Robbery or theft;
  • Material Damage to third parties;
  • Bodily Injury to third parties;
  • Moral Damage to third parties;
  • Coverage for passengers;
  • Winch;
  • Glasses etc.

Allianz also offers 24-hour assistance services in its truck insurance.

As a winch and keychain.

There is also associated residential assistance.


These include electrical repairs, telephone repairs and plumbing.

MAPFRE AutoMais Truck

In MAPFRE truck insurance, the basic coverages are collision, fire, theft, theft and optional civil liability for vehicles.

But there are four ways to contract protection.

So, basic coverage is not included in all plans.


You need to pay attention to this aspect.

Free coverage offered, regardless of the plan chosen, is the replacement guarantee at new value (0km).

It is valid for 90 days in cases of fire, robbery or theft.

For collision, its validity is 180 days.


The additional coverages that you can purchase and customize your insurance are as follows:

  • Accessories relating to sound and image;
  • AutoMais Casa Protection, Protection Plus or Top Plus Protection;
  • Dump truck;
  • Bodies;
  • Coverage for passengers;
  • Decesses;
  • Extension of insurance coverage for towed vehicles;
  • Coverage guarantee;
  • Compensation for loss of revenue;
  • Reimbursement of extra expenses;
  • Excluded Risks;
  • Franchise insurance;
  • Glasses.

There are also assistance services available for your car and your home. BB Seguro Auto para Caminhão

Another insurance that you can take out instead of Bradesco truck insurance is that of Banco do Brasil.

Its main coverages are:

  • Collision;
  • Fire;
  • Robbery/Theft;
  • Optional Civil Liability;
  • Guarantee of compensation for the value of the 0 km car (up to 90 days in the case of fire, robbery or theft, and up to 180 days in total collisions).

BB insurance also includes 24-hour assistance for the truck and your home.

Payment can be made by debit or credit card, in up to 10 interest-free installments.


Finally, its additional guarantees, which can personalize the insurance plan, are very similar to those of MAPFRE.

It's worth accessing the BB website and checking out the options.

In fact, when purchasing your insurance, do a lot of research about the companies.

This will make it easier to choose the best protection, as obtaining Bradesco truck insurance will not be possible.


If you want to access the values, just request a quote.

Bradesco truck insurance: find out everything

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Bradesco truck insurance: find out everything


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Bradesco truck insurance: find out everything

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