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Car insurance for disabled people |
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Many people have doubts when it comes to taking out car insurance for a disabled person, so ask your questions and find out how this service works.

Some people think it's strange, but it is possible for a disabled person to drive a car. Of course, your car must be adapted to meet any special needs it has.


In this case, the car can be purchased with the necessary adaptations or modified to suit the driver, and this should not be an impediment to driving.

But even though they can drive and have an adapted car, some disabled people end up not taking out good car insurance for disabled people.

It is important to know that people with special needs also have the right to good car insurance, as well as being considered equal in other rights that everyone has in society. Even though people with disabilities have their own particularities, some can obtain a driver's license and thus request good insurance for their car. We must emphasize that the car for a disabled person will be adapted – modified – for them.

Therefore, As the conditions are different, there is a small change when hiring this service and you need to be aware of this.


The differences when taking out car insurance for people with disabilities relate to filling out information about the vehicle, coverage of other equipment in the vehicle and how the insurance will be carried out. compensation in case of total loss.

Car insurance for disabled people

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When purchasing your insurance, it is important to pay attention and know what to do in each case. Check it out:

-Filling in car information: It is important that it is specified in the car insurance for disabled people that the car is adapted when filling out your proposal. For some insurance companies, this is even considered mandatory, but even if it is not, it is worth knowing that if you omit this information from the broker you could have problems when receiving compensation. Therefore, be as honest as possible and fill out this information correctly.


-Special equipment coverage: After informing that the vehicle is adapted, it is also necessary to say what special equipment is installed. Because it is possible to leave them within the insurance coverage. In the same way as in the previous case, if you do not inform the presence of the item there will be no compensation in case of damage or loss.

-Compensation in case of total loss: Vehicles for people with disabilities are sold exempt from IPI and ICMS. Likewise, while an insured receives the full value provided for in the FIPE table in the case of total loss compensation, the person with special needs will be based on this value in the FIPE table minus the IPI and ICMS values, in the same way when purchasing the model.

– Check if the insurance company offers the service: Typically, insurance companies that provide car insurance also have this service for people with disabilities, but they are not always used to dealing with these customers. Therefore, she must be prepared to provide guidance on how the service works as well as clarify any doubts. It may be that some of them do not accept this type of coverage, but this is usually very rare, what will vary is the description of the car and the items included in it.

It is also worth remembering that this IPI and ICMS discount is granted to the driver every three years and if a total loss occurs, you cannot buy another car with the same benefits if this period has not yet expired. To achieve this, it is important to take precautions in other ways, in addition to taking out good car insurance for people with disabilities.


A good way is to take out extra expense coverage, where you receive an extra amount when you receive your total loss compensation. This way it is possible to add the compensation amount without IPI and ICMS and also the extra coverage to buy your new car.

Furthermore, it is possible to contract 105% or 110% of the FIPE table, ensuring that you receive 5 to 10% more of the car's value in the table. As this type of coverage varies depending on the insurer, it is important to make sure that this type of contract is allowed for your adapted vehicle.

It is also important to check among other people with special needs which are the best car insurance providers that are ready to cover their needs with good car insurance for disabled people. If you don't know anyone who has taken out insurance on an adapted car, contact several insurers, they are obliged to provide you with a special coverage plan.

How to find the best car insurance for a disabled person

Just because a person has a physical disability does not mean they need to give up a quality service at an affordable price. When purchasing car insurance for people with disabilities, some rules remain valid, such as getting a quote from more than one insurance company, not only to find the service, but also to be able to buy the value for money that each one offers.


It is also worth trying to negotiate the value, discount and payment method to suit your needs. And a good broker at these times is essential, as he will be able to guide you better on the matter.

If you want to receive all this information quickly and without wasting time, an alternative is to fill out the form on, to receive a quote and more information about car insurance for disabled people.

After taking all these precautions, don't forget to keep up with your obligations so you can drive your car safely. And finally, guarantee the protection and security necessary for you to go out on the streets with car insurance for people with disabilities. Therefore, it is possible to drive with your adapted car ensuring the protection of car insurance for disabled people.


Car insurance for disabled people |

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Car insurance for disabled people |


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Car insurance for disabled people |


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