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Cássio says goodbye to Corinthians and explains his departure: “Cycle is over”
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In the last press conference for Corinthians, Cássio says goodbye, explaining his decision to leave and guarantees that it has nothing to do with the reservation

The early afternoon of this Saturday, 18th, marked the goalkeeper's last press conference Cassio at the Corinthians, which had its departure confirmed the day before. On the occasion, the player explained what motivated his request to leave the club after 12 years and assured that it had nothing to do with the loss of his position to Carlos Miguel.

I think there are a series of situations and we understand when our cycle is over. You look back, see what you achieved, and at the beginning of the year there was an opportunity to leave, at that moment I thought it wasn't the opportunity to leave. Now I think it's the time, with a good career opportunity. Now I think it's my moment, I spoke with Fabinho, with the president, with everyone, the conduct was good, there were no fights at any time, they are serious people. Ending a cycle of 12 years and five months is not easy. I need to face new challenges, play for other clubs, it's something new. I was already adapted here, but it's nice to leave too, to do well and I think that moment has come.“, said the idol.


Soon afterwards, Cássio was asked about what happened internally after the outburst at the end of the game against Argentine Juniors, out of home. This was the athlete's last appearance on the pitch for Corinthians, but he assured that it was just a moment, in addition to also guaranteeing that his departure was not related to the loss of his position.

I think these are moments, at that moment there was talk of me not going to the game, but I'm not leaving Corinthians because I'm on the bench but because the cycle is over. I've been to the bench other times, in 2016 for example, and I stayed, I worked here for 12 years and I had no problems with coaches, but I always did everything I could to help, some things you know and others you don't, but I leave with a feeling of duty fulfilled, I was with Corinthians at all times. Corinthians is very well served with goalkeepers at the moment, so I leave with peace of mind, I was with the team at all times, 12 years of hard work and dedication, I leave in peace, because I did everything for the institution and no one is above it, but my time has come“, he concluded at the press conference.

Cássio in action for Corinthians
Cássio in action for Corinthians – Getty Images

It is worth remembering that after the termination, Cássio has not yet signed a contract with any other club, but the national press puts the cruise as the favorite to complete the signing. According to him, in the next few years he will announce the next step in his career.


Cássio says goodbye to Corinthians and explains his departure: “Cycle is over”

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Cássio says goodbye to Corinthians and explains his departure: “Cycle is over”


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