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Celebrating Luan Santana's Career at Som Brasil
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On Monday night (26), Rede Globo aired the special “Som Brasil: 15 anos de Luan”, a special year-end musical program, in which it paid tribute to the 15-year career of country singer Luan Santana, completed in this year. The attraction led by presenter Pedro Bial, combined interviews and musical performances, over the course of 1 hour by “Luan City” (fictional city that served as the setting), where Luan revealed exclusive details of his life and career.

Before the exhibition, the artist used his Instagram account to make fans more excited: “Today is the day to celebrate 15 years of my career, on the TV Globo screen. Now set the reminder, so you don't miss a second, it's so beautiful!

Publication about the special made on Luan's social network @luansantana (Reproduction/Instagram).

Within the film city of Estúdios Globo, three environments were built that served as a backdrop for the countryman and the journalist who got into the mood and appeared dressed up for the chat. General director Gian Bellotti explained the concept of the special: “In the show, the public sees buildings, signs, sees the city from outside, and now we enter this city as if we were entering Luan's privacy. We observed that the city has many inspirations from the art deco and noir art universe, in a cinematic atmosphere; a look of Chicago and New York from the 1930s, and we follow the same aesthetic concept, which explores neon, gold, a beautiful elegance of the time.”


In addition to his great and well-known hits, the singer, who rose to stardom with “Meteoro”, presented exclusive versions of well-known songs by other performers, such as “Você Não Me Ensinou a Te Esquecer”, by Caetano Veloso, “Não Bem”, by Marisa Monte and Arnaldo Antunes and “Can't Help Falling in Love”by Elvis Presley, of whom he declares himself a fan and reveals: “My dream feat is Elvis Presley, he is my great idol, since I started my career, he has always inspired me”.

Pedro also spoke out, saying: “What moves me in the interview is this story of a person who, from a very young age, a very child, already had a dream destiny, which he carries out and fulfills, this is always surprising, and indicates a lot of determination”.

Call for the special released on the singer's profile @luansantana (Reproduction/Instagram).

There are three studio albums, six live albums and thirty-eight singles, over these 15 years of career, which began in 2007, when Luan went on stage for the first time to perform in the city of Bela Vista, Mato Grosso do Sul. South. Since then, its trajectory has been built with several hits which charted on the charts such as “Love is not a sin”, “Te awaiting” and “Waking up the building”. “It’s an honor to see my story being told in this tribute, which is so full of work, so intense. I am really happy”were the words chosen by the singer about the special.

The musical special in honor of the country idol, produced by the “Conversa com Bial” team, is available on Globoplay, streaming of the broadcaster.


Featured Photo: Luan Santana Reproduction/Disclosure TV Globo.

Celebrating Luan Santana's Career at Som Brasil

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Celebrating Luan Santana's Career at Som Brasil

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