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The best NFTs are the ones that are backed by real-life assets.
celebrity crypto dogs nft

Commercial Celeb Crypto Dogs

They’re cute, adorable, and also ready for the moon!. Adopt yourself an adult and down the road you might just unlock something special!

celebrity crypto dog nft

Arty projects

Join us on our adventure and have a good time. Having a Dog Token grants you creative and commercial rights, as well as inclusion in the community.

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Celeb Crypto Dogs

celebrity crypto dog


SERUMS will be airdropped for free to the Celebcryptodogs studio members that hold the Celebcryptodog NFT for more than 7 days after the public sale.

Each airdropped serum can be used to combine two Celebcryptodog NFT to breed a BRAND NEW and RARER Cryptodog.

And if you mint and own the first 2000 Crypto Dogs NFT, you get a chance the win a special 1/1 ultra-rare NFT & a free TESLA home.

celebrity crypto dog nft

The best NFTs are the ones that are backed by real-life assets.

This is the first-ever community-backed Sage NFT project. Members of the Celebrity Crypto Dogs Studio will share profits from the Sage NFT sales and be a part of running the Sage Studio line.

Our NFTs will be engraved on every single shirts and can be shipped all over the continents for our party clubs and for the world to enjoy.

Being a Celebrity Crypto Dog Studio member, you will be invited to exclusive launch parties around the world with other studio members. Join us for private raves, city view rooftop parties, and meet-ups in NYC, London, Singapore, and more.

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celebrity crypto dog

0% – Welcome to Celebrity Crypto Dog Studio

 here is our official roadmap for the project – Celebrity Crypto Dog.

Join our discord and become a Celebcryptodog VIP member. VIP members mint at a discounted price, gain early access to sales, and many more. When we achieve 8,000 members in our Discord server,

We will also have up to $10,000 worth of giveaways for our discord members

Our Company Roadmap

It is a full-time project for us now and it will continue to be after the public sale.
Below is what we’re working towards in the short term. Each milestone unlocks when a certain % of dogys have been minted. Future developments will be decided and voted upon by the community.

10% – Some of our early adopters will randomly be chosen and airdropped a free doge dog

15% – We ramp up our Discord and social media management, which will include a pack of community managers and moderators to bring our Dogy community to the moon crescent_moon

40% – $10,000 donation fund will be established and with the help of the community, we will decide on a charity that is a good partner for our project. With the project, we want to bring together a community of doge and dog lovers dog

70% – An exclusive Celebrity Crypto Dog merch line will drop. These will be hats, T-shirts, and most importantly apparel for your dogs! We already have several designs

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celebrity crypto dog nft

Join The Exclusive Celeb Crypto Dog Studio Now

8,000 art pieces carefully chosen by Professor Sage. A unique digital collection of diverse NFTs lying on Ethereum Blockchain. Each one is thoughtfully designed and specifically picked.