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Challenging the comfort zone: 10 games that mock players in 'easy' mode

Many games offer more accessible difficulty levels to accommodate a wider range of players. However, there are titles that go further and mock those who choose to play in easier modes. We selected ten examples of these works for you to check out!



Facing the challenges of World War II can be complicated for some players, but the producers want you to try, so much so that the easiest difficulties are described with mocking phrases and the protagonist appears with a baby face using a pacifier if you choose the hardest difficulty. easy at all. “Doom” and “Heretic” also use a similar formula when choosing difficulty.

Ninja Gaiden Black

The “Ninja Gaiden” series has always been known for its high difficulty, since the days of Nintendo, and has never been one to give players a spoonful. The “Black” edition, however, has an easy mode, but when playing it you are forced to wear a purple ribbon on your wrist throughout the entire game as a sign of your weakness and on top of that you are teased the entire time by the character. Ayane.

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Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire


If you finished this game on the Nintendo 64 and didn't understand what happened to the protagonist, well, it's because you played on the easiest difficulty. After the space station explodes, the game cuts straight to the credits, unless you play on Medium difficulty or higher, which entitles you to see the end of the game.

Spider-Man (PS1)

One of the coolest Spider-Man games has a difficulty called “Kid Mode”, which essentially makes the game rubbish, as you practically don't need to do anything special to finish it. This mode cuts out boss fights, missions, puzzles and even controls the arachnid hero at times.

Streets of Rage 3


Playing this game on easy is understandable in the American version, which is considerably more difficult than the Japanese one. But when you do this, the game ends two phases earlier, after you defeat the boss of phase 5, with him teasing you and on top of that saying that “you play this game like a beginner!”, signaling that it is necessary to play at least at Medium level if you really want to finish the game.

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile

Violent when slashing enemies and also if you choose to play it on the “Pretty Princess” difficulty, unlocked after you die many times in a row. Playing in this mode leaves the scene with pink tones and hearts, blood and guts turn into rainbows, and on top of that it gives you an achievement for clearing this difficulty, so that everyone knows about your humiliation.

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Earthworm Jim


If you played video games in the 90s, you will certainly remember “Earthworm Jim”, a well-known title on the Mega Drive and SNES. Its high difficulty made many people play it on easy mode, but by doing so you don't unlock the true ending. Instead, the producers tease you with a text full of curiosities and facts about earthworms.

Against 3

One of the best SNES games and also one of the most challenging. If you can't handle the high difficulty and decide to play on “easy”, no endgame for you. In the American version, even playing on “normal” you will not be able to see the end of the game, released only after defeating the real form of the last boss, which only appears on the “hard” level.

Metal Gear Solid V


Hideo Kojima found a very curious way to make fun of players in “The Phantom Pain”. If you die too many times, the game offers an extremely easy difficulty level, where enemies don't attack you. This, of course, comes at a price: wearing a humiliating chicken hat that makes everyone who sees the protagonist Snake wear it laugh.

Twisted Metal 2

The pinnacle of this popular PlayStation franchise, where your objective was to destroy all opponents and be the last survivor. In the second game, you can play on easy difficulty, but the fun ends right after you defeat the first boss, with the game literally calling you a “loser”, saying that only players who face Medium or Hard difficulties are allowed to continue. .

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Challenging the comfort zone: 10 games that mock players in 'easy' mode

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