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Check out the top 10 professions that need car insurance
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See the top 10 professions that require car insurance and find the ideal one for you. Get your quote at!

There are certain professions that guarantee a very high salary and, because of this, people seek a standard of living that corresponds to this salary. Auto insurance is one of those items that cannot be different and, therefore, having insurance with additional coverage, and that serves these professionals at all times, becomes essential.


See which professions have the highest salaries in Brazil and find the ideal car insurance for them.

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Top 10 professions that need car insurance

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1 – Car insurance for hospital directors

The health sector is one of the best paying and, in order to command hospitals, directors end up being fundamental players. With average salaries of R$50,000, these professionals need to have a degree in medicine and other multidisciplinary training.


With the busy life of a director, you have to be at the hospital whenever you need to (and that involves running from wherever you are and going there). Thus, the risks of a collision end up increasing a lot, due to the rush, and at these times, car insurance ends up being very useful.

Not to mention that it is much more difficult to run a hospital than to choose comprehensive car insurance, which will bring more peace of mind and a better quality of life.

2 – Car insurance for IT director

Another area that is constantly growing and becoming increasingly essential in companies is information technology. Because of this, a director can earn R$50,000. An analyst in the area with years of market experience can earn around R$17,000.

Technology is present in every moment of this professional's life, including in the car. With so many resources, the vehicle becomes more targeted by criminals, and it is necessary to protect it in every way. Auto insurance allows this to happen and can even guarantee additional coverage for equipment.


3 – Car insurance for engineers

Engineering could not be left out of this list and has highly qualified professionals, especially when it is in the oil field. This professional earns an average of R$15,500, but the salary can reach R$60,000. Other engineering areas also have very high salaries.

Depending on the location where the works are taking place, the engineer's car ends up facing various obstacles that destroy the vehicle, such as holes and sea air. To prevent it from getting damaged, you will need to carry out maintenance more regularly and by having comprehensive car insurance you can get discounts at accredited workshops, increasing the useful life of the vehicle.

4 – Auto insurance for lawyers

Lawyers are among the most traditional career professionals, but also among those with the highest salaries. When they work with business law, the average is usually a little higher than in other areas. However, the highlight is the legal directors who receive around R$40,000 per month.

Being a lawyer is a risky profession, because when defending a cause, someone could be harmed. And one of the targets for people to take revenge ends up being the vehicle, which is why it is necessary to have extra coverage that includes damage to it. Have you ever imagined having your car damaged and having to bear all the damage?


5 – Car insurance for HR director

The HR area has increasingly gained space in companies and, along with it, its professionals. A human resources director receives an average of R$43,000. The Human Resources Manager, who is a step towards reaching the position of director, has a salary of R$8,600.

Those who work in human resources are always focused on the well-being of their employees, but they cannot forget about their own. Have you ever thought about if your car breaks down in the middle of the street and there is no one to help you? With car insurance it is possible to have a towing service available 24 hours a day.

6 – Car insurance for financial director

Whoever is responsible for the company's finances needs to be very well rewarded for this, a financial director has an average salary of R$30,000. A financial consultant is another professional who works in the same area and receives around R$7,000.

Anyone who takes care of their finances knows how to save money, and having car insurance knows that they will save a lot of money. This is because in the event of any damage to the vehicle or even theft, the insurance company bears part of the losses, with the owner only having to pay a deductible. This guarantees more savings in your pocket and a better investment of financial resources.


7 – Car insurance for telecommunications director

The telecommunications area pays its professionals very well so that the service is not interrupted. A broadcast director can have a salary of around R$23,400.

Connectivity is everything that the telecommunications area seeks to offer, but even better if everything can be used together with car insurance. Anyone who has car insurance can be protected at all times by using their smartphone. If you need to claim your insurance, just access the app, if you get a flat tire, need to know where the nearest workshop is or even report an accident, this can be done in just a few clicks.

8 – Car insurance for logistics director

Foreign trade has also received great attention, especially when it comes to exporting Brazilian products. An export director responsible for this area can earn around R$23,000 per month.

Those who work in exports know the high quality standards required by other countries and end up taking this into their lives. Comprehensive car insurance can offer everything you expect, from essential coverage such as theft, theft and collision to the most complete. For glass, rear view mirrors, accessories and shielding, there is coverage for each item.


If you think this is still not enough, you can count on an exclusive service with 24-hour assistance, towing, mechanical assistance, return home in situations where the car has a problem and cannot be repaired on the day and many others.

9 – Car insurance for plastic surgeons

The demand for plastic surgeries has grown and as a result, surgeons earn an average of R$18,500 per month. These professionals can work either as hospital employees or have their own clinics.

The professional who is constantly making aesthetic repairs and making people happier also needs to be satisfied. Comprehensive auto insurance is as perfect as surgery, because after going through this process you get an incredible result and exactly as expected. It can protect not only the vehicle but also its occupants in the most diverse situations.

Not to mention that every detail is thought of and you can find specific coverage for each item, such as, for example, the rear view mirror, and services that are always available.


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10 Car insurance for commercial director

Without marketing, companies cannot stand out in the market and because of this, a commercial director receives a good salary, on average R$17,900. When it comes to the telecommunications area, this same professional can receive up to R$50,000.

Anyone who works in the commercial area knows that it is not enough to just promote a product, it needs to be good. Complete car insurance is not just eye-catching, it meets customers' needs exactly as they need them, offering a personalized service that allows them to choose the coverage they need.

Check out the top 10 professions that need car insurance

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Check out the top 10 professions that need car insurance



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Check out the top 10 professions that need car insurance

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