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Davis mocked by Shaquille O’Neal for head injury

In addition to Shaquille O’Neal, other North American commentators mocked Davis’ injury; Lakers star left court with suspected concussion

Anthony Davis left the game five between lakers It is Warriors with a suspected concussion during the night of last Wednesday, 10. The star even needed the help of a wheelchair to be taken to a room to perform tests. The center of the Los Angeles team claimed to have been “dizzy”. So far, the team has not disclosed the athlete’s clinical status, but his teammates guarantee that he is fine.

However, shortly after the match, where Anthony Davis’ injury was discussed by several local sports programs, some went overboard with the player. Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal, during the “NBA on TNT” program, did not hold back their laughter when talking about the pivot. The idol of the Los Angeles team was the first to laugh and saw his teammate also burst out laughing.


Asked about the reason for the laughs, Charles Barkley mocked and replied: “Shaq is over there crumpling paper, that’s why I’m laughing”. Many understood that the professional compared the ace of the Lakers with the role that Shaquille was in hand. It should be noted that Davis has already suffered from a series of injuries and, as a result, many American commentators did not take his concussion risk seriously.

It is important to remember that in an interview with “The Times”, in October of last year, Charles Barkley had already criticized the amount of injuries that Anthony Davis suffers. In addition to the duo, Stephen A. Smith, on ESPN’s “First Take” program, also took the opportunity to criticize the Lakers center, but he further raised his criticism of the player.

Shaquille O'Neal
Shaquille O’Neal was one of the commentators who made fun of Anthony Davis’ injury (Credit: Reproduction/TNT)

Concussion? Concussion? I thought the NFL season was over“, began his opinion with a bit of irony. He still followed and also took the opportunity to ridicule Davis’ departure in a wheelchair: “A wheelchair? A wheelchair? Serious? Where are we again?”. The presenter and commentator even returned to attack the Lakers star:

Hang on. No one is saying that a concussion isn’t serious. We are saying that we find it hard to believe that a concussion actually happened on that pitch we were watching! Oh my God!“, he highlighted.

Darvin Ham sought to reassure Lakers fans about Anthony Davis!

At a press conference, Darvin Ham spoke about the injury to Anthony Davis and tried to minimize what happened. According to the Lakers coach, his player is fine: “Obviously everyone saw that he took a hit to the head, but we just checked it out. He seems to be doing really well. That’s exactly where he is. This is the status now“.


Davis mocked by Shaquille O’Neal for head injury

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