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Palmeiras beats Del Valle at home and advances to the round of 16
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Palmeiras and Independiente Del Valle played this Wednesday, at 9:30 pm at Allianz Parque, the fifth round of Group F of the Libertadores. Abel Ferreira's team entered the field ready to show why they are a strong candidate for the title of Libertadores champion this year, and came out on top with a score of 2-1.

With the advantage of the local factor and the need for just a draw to guarantee the leadership of the group, Palmeiras went further, qualifying for the round of 16 and the overall leadership of the competition.

Palmeiras celebrates victory and qualification for the round of 16 (Photo: reproduction/Instagram/@palmeiras)


The Brazilian team had more possession of the ball in the first half and created few opportunities to open the score, but was more effective when they had the chance, and once again Verdão's young talents troubled Del Valle's defense. In the first half alone there were three goals, one disallowed and one a penalty.

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Palmeiras scores well, but creates little

Right at the start of the match, without a classic midfielder, Palmeiras adopted a clear 4-2-4: Estêvão on the right, Flaco and Endrick centrally, and Lázaro on the left. Meanwhile, Del Valle remained defensively with a line of five.

Four minutes into the game, Piquerez kicked a free kick into the area, Zé Rafael threw himself onto the ball and sent it into the goal, however, the referee ruled it offside. At 13, Del Valle regains possession during Palmeiras' counterattack attempt, and Beder Caicedo tries from distance, but his finish is stopped by Weverton. Five minutes later, Estêvão made a corner cross for Palmeiras, and Zé Rafael jumped to head it. This time, he was in the correct position, but the ball went over the goal.

At 27, Palmeiras started a quick counterattack and Lázaro came close to finishing, but was unable to reach the ball in time. At 33, the alviverde advanced again with Estêvão to the baseline. The attacker made a great effort inside the area, dribbling past the marker, and tried to shoot, but it hit Del Valle's defense. The fans in the stadium were excited by the play, and it didn't take long for the first goal to happen: with a free kick, Richard Ríos released a rocket from the midfield player and found the net in the center of the goal. Goalkeeper Villar stretched, raising his hands, but was unable to reach anything.


At 44, Piquerez executes a foul with a pass to Rocha in a rehearsed play, the full-back throws it into the area, everyone fights for the ball and Flaco heads it. The ball hits Landázuri's hand, and the referee signals a penalty in favor of Palmeiras, taken by Gustavo Gómez, who sends the ball to the left corner and increases the score.

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Controlled second half and fair victory

Palmeiras returned to the field determined to maintain the good performance they showed in the first half, but came close to conceding a goal right at the beginning of the game's resumption. In the fourth minute, Caicedo, from Del Valle, intercepted a pass from Richard Ríos on the edge of the area and fired a shot, which Weverton stretched out to save. Then, Hoyos took advantage of the rebound, sending the ball into the back of the net, but he was in an offside position and the goal was disallowed.

Soon after, Verdão recovered on the left wing and launched into the area, Gustavo Gómez headed to score, but the referee raised the flag and signaled an offside, canceling another goal. The concern for Abel's team came when Endrick fell to the pitch feeling pain in his leg, a likely consequence of fouls suffered from the beginning of the match until midway through the second half. The number 9 left the field to be replaced by Veiga.

It didn't take long for Del Valle's reaction to take effect: Lautaro Díaz received a pass in the left corner of the field, dribbled past Gustavo Gómez, got rid of Zé Rafael inside the area and surprised Weverton with a counterfoot shot. The ball hit the net and reduced the advantage for Abel's team. At 33, Veiga took a free kick deflecting off the wall, and the ball gained height as it curved, passing close to the goal, but deflecting off the side of the post towards the bottom line.


At 40, Veiga started through midfield, raised his head and found Piquerez on the left end of the field. The number 22 sent a shot into the area, but caught the ball poorly and no one arrived to finish. Kendry Páez, who didn't stand out in today's game, tried to finish at 45, but the referee ruled it offside. Palmeiras still advanced towards Del Valle's defense a few more times, but were unable to increase their advantage, and the game ended after 50 minutes.

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Featured photo: Richard Ríos celebrates a good performance in this Wednesday's match (Reproduction/Cesar Greco/Instagram/@palmeiras)


Palmeiras beats Del Valle at home and advances to the round of 16

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Palmeiras beats Del Valle at home and advances to the round of 16


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