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Devin Booker vents after Suns elimination: “I need to get better”
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Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker recognizes poor performance in the series against the Minnesota Timberwolves and that talent alone is not enough

The elimination of Phoenix Suns in the first round of the playoffs NBA 2023/24 was a huge break in expectations in relation to what the star of the Arizona franchise Devin Booker expected from the team. The player, who leads the team alongside Kevin Durant It is Bradley Beal, was very frustrated with the negative result, but understands the future. For the winger, the need to improve in every way is the biggest message after the shameful defeat to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

“I want to win a title. Playing in the finals, advancing in the playoffs are my plans. But I understand that it's not easy; the NBA is basketball's elite. At the end of this entire season and all these games, only one team will be happy and champion, while all the other 29 will be in a panic, thinking they need to change everything. So, I think experience is the best teacher. We’re going to get through this together, and I think everything will be better after this.”said Booker.


“I have to be better, I know I have things to improve on the court. And I think a defeat like this shows that. I need to get better, Kevin Durant too, Bradley Beal too, the coach, all of us. If we want to be the leaders of this here, we need to take responsibility. We can’t go into a playoff unprepared.”the number 1 shot.

Furthermore, Booker also made it clear that the Suns have what it takes to be champions in the coming years, but that planning and adjusting in better ways is essential for this to happen. “I think our team is very good; we have what we need. However, you need to look at what's working around the league, and I think it all comes down to the details. What I can say is that this is super important to win at this level. I don't want to keep saying this, but we can't think that victories will come only through talent. It’s a big league, it’s more complicated than that”he commented.


“Honestly, I think we didn’t consider the details as a big deal throughout the year. Ultimately, it came back to haunt us and eliminate us from the season.”, added Booker. The number 1 had a below-average series, but rose from the ashes in the last game, with 49 points scored, six assists given, five rebounds and two steals. Additionally, he converted 13 of 21 shots attempted and three of five three-pointers. But none of this was enough to avoid the historic sweep for the Wolves.

Devin Booker vents after Suns elimination: “I need to get better”

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Devin Booker vents after Suns elimination: “I need to get better”

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