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diamonds are the rage of the season

The small pieces of pure carbon under high pressure have always been highly desired by human beings, over the years we have given them meaning: for the Greeks they were the tears of the gods, for the Romans Cupid's arrows, for the Egyptians it was their stone of love and for Marylin Monroe diamonds are “a girl's best friends” (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1953). Its shine enchants many people and Dior knows it, which is why diamonds were the protagonists of its new jewelry collection for Dior Délicat.

The inspiration of Victoire de Castellane

Christian Dior's designs for maison They have gone down in history, their fit and finishing of the pieces are impeccable and extremely elegant. Who would have thought that her models would one day serve as a reference for someone to make 79 pieces of the highest jewelry, only Victoire de Castellane could impress us in this way.


Castellane is a very renowned jewelry designer, she joined Dior in 1998 and has been there ever since, she was responsible for earning 118 million euros for the brand in 2008 with her most beautiful pieces and before partnering with Dior she worked with Chanel for 15 years alongside Karl Lagerfeld. We can imagine the extent of her talent and passion for creating the other jewelry.

In this new Dior collection Délicat, the lightness and striking embroidery of Christian Dior became his biggest inspiration. It is possible to analyze, in each of these pieces, asymmetrical cuts and compositions, with unique geometric shapes to accompany and give this peculiar touch that ends up becoming very elegant, just like Christian's designs.

Details about the jewelry

A complexity of technique and cutting was necessary to bring these small diamonds to life, as is the case with the marquise cut, the “pear” and the traditional round. These, in particular, were necessary to bring a smooth and delicate movement to the silk and inside the colors yellow, pink and white gold give the effect of gold threads that shine on the garment.

Check out the details of one of the collection's great necklaces (Video: reproduction/Instagram/@thejewelryissuebygi)


One of her most beloved creations this season was a tiara in white gold and diamonds, extremely beautiful and delicate, next to a rich necklace that has a diamond in the center weighing more than seven carats, other lines of the necklace come out of it and intertwine, giving a unique look. super refined.

All of Victoire de Castellane's creations honored the founder of the house in an illustrious and commendable way, with one foot in haute couture designs and the other in grace. Her pieces went beyond necklaces and earrings, but simple buttons and belts also gained attention and dazzled in this collection with a femininity and creativity that are the symbol of Castellane.

Featured photo: Exclusive pieces from Dior Délicat (reproduction/Instagram/@sellingmehautejoaillerie)

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diamonds are the rage of the season

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