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Discover celebrity hair trends for 2024 and find the ideal color for you
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The new hair tones for 2024 are already circulating among celebrities. Chocolate, supported by Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner; redheads of all types, especially cherry, who won the hearts of celebrities such as Giovanna Ewbank, Mari Gonzalez, Dua Lipa, Megan Fox and Beyoncé; the light pink by Karol G and Rihanna and the honey blonde, inaugurated by Zendaya at the Met Gala 2024, are here to stay this year!

According to personal color consultant, Mari Raugst, who follows celebrities' changes in appearance, it is possible to use trendy colors to enhance your own beauty.

Many think that after you identify the tones, intensity and colors that most enhance your personal characteristics, you have to stick to that palette. Nothing more wrong. With the right hair coloring techniques it is possible to go for other colors”, explains Mari.


Before makeup or clothes, hair color is the first 'light' that will reflect on the skin, making it more vivid or dull. So we can explore various techniques such as smoky, lights, shading and others so that a person can use a color from another color palette without devaluing their own beauty.”, adds Joy Prestupa, hairstylist specialist in hair harmonization.

Personal coloring cards

The experts use the colorimetry methodology based on the expanded seasonal method, created by Suzanne Caygill and which has 12 different cards. “First, they are divided into temperature: the hottest are spring and autumn, and the coldest are summer and winter and there are subdivisions according to intensity.”, says Mari.

See below the guidelines for applying different shades of the famous ones in the Spring/Autumn and Summer/Winter palettes:

Redheads (cherry and others)

Dua Lipa with red hair (Photo: reproduction/Instagram/@dualipa)



This is the perfect palette for strong cherry red tones, it can be used without reservations, including in its variations: Cherry Brown, Cherry Red or Cherry Cola which vary according to a more reddish or brown background.


Cherry is a hair that doesn't work well for summer styles, according to experts. For those who still want to get closer to the tone, it is possible to make the color a little more pastel and opt for light, soft makeup tones that leave the skin a little colder to balance it out.

The red of summer I would say is light pink, if we are to dare. It doesn't really work for other colors, but in the summer it looks very natural and harmonious. Rihanna, for example, because she has a soft summer color scheme, looks great with this color.”, says Mari.


In the spring palette, the most orange redheads are at home, also known as “ginger orange” , which is the trademark of actress Marina Ruy Barbosa. It is the closest color to a natural red and it harmonizes with spring skin to the point of giving the impression that it is the original hair color.


Light pink still works for this palette, according to experts. “My bet for Karol G, for example, is a spring that knew how to apply the pink very well, leaving the roots whiter and applying the pink to the length,” says Joy.


Here the coppery redheads guarantee harmony. The color is currently the favorite of Riverdale actress Madelaine-Petsch, but it has already won over celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Anitta, Sandy, Fernanda Paes Leme and Claudia Leitte.


Hailey Bieber with chocolate-colored hair (Photo: reproduction/Instagram/@haileybieber)

Fall and winter

All chocolate shades are perfect for winters and autumns. “Here color is at home because these are the two darkest seasons”, explains Mari.


Spring and Summer

In these cases, you need to be a little careful, as the chocolate must be very light, almost blonde. According to experts, it was Hailey Bieber's bet, who has a spring card and acquired a golden blonde chocolate version. For summer cards, you need to be careful not to go brown, but tend towards a more greyish chocolate that gives an aesthetic similar to the trending tone. “ANDI would bet on a chocolate that is more like cappuccino, which is a cold tone,” says Joy.

Honey Blonde

Zendaya with honey blonde hair (Photo: reproduction/Instagram/@zendaya)


As it is completely warm hair, it will be very flattering for spring and autumn skin. The tip here is to go for a vivid shade of honey blonde, and you can use the color all over your hair or in sections, for those who don't want to be completely blonde.

“It's a tone that in spring causes so much harmony that it helps even those who don't want to wear so much makeup, but don't want to leave their skin looking dull. It illuminates a lot”says Mari.



In autumn, honey blonde can be applied a little more gently or leaving the hair roots more closed. “That's what I would recommend for Zendaya's, for example, because she has a palette that goes more towards dark autumn and is favored by high contrast (when the difference in tone between the skin and hair is high)”, indicates Mari. Here it is possible to balance it out a little with makeup in golden tones to “warm up” the skin even more.

Summer and winter

These skins can opt for honey with a more grayish or neutral background, which would make it a little colder. “It ends up leaving the honey blonde proposal that pulls more gold, but that's what would be an option to fit these skin tones.,” says Joy. In other cases, the color can be applied in its original form, together with makeup that is within the summer and winter charts to create harmony, even with the hair color outside the chart.

Freedom of choice

The experts emphasize that the tips are not intended to limit the choice of ideal hair, but to provide tools so that the options are harmonious. “The card is not to limit, but to bring knowledge and instruction so that she, the client, can make the choice she wants”, says Mari.

“ANDShe may have a hair out of her depth, but having this knowledge will bring her even more autonomy and assertiveness, because she will make this change intentionally. She knows she’s doing something off the charts and knows what to do with it.”adds Joy.


About the experts

Joy Prestuba (@joyprestupa)

Hairstylist for over 10 years, pioneer in the area of ​​personal color analysis within salons. Before applying any dye to her clients, she carries out a personal color test to indicate the tones that best suit her. She also recommends post-color care for curly, wavy, straight and chemically treated hair.

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Mari Raugst (@mari.raugst)

Personal color analyst for 8 years who has analyzed celebrities such as Malu Borges, Naira Ávilla and others. It uses Artificial Intelligence to predict the result of different hair tones according to the person analyzed.

Featured photo: Gkay and Malu Borges (Reproduction/Instagram/@gkay and @maluborges/montage Karine Uchelo)


Discover celebrity hair trends for 2024 and find the ideal color for you

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Discover celebrity hair trends for 2024 and find the ideal color for you

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