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Discover the plan that aims to establish Endrick as a “cultural icon” when he goes to Real Madrid
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At just 17 years old, Endrick left Brazilian football after making history with Palmeiras. On his way to Real Madrid, the player is already making important commitments off the field, and now, the objective is to become a social and cultural reference.

Searchlight beyond the fields

Being in the spotlight off the field, for reasons that go beyond talent and goals, has become something inherent to the Brazilian national team player's career. It is Endrick's personality that allows his team to invest in the young man as something more than just an athlete.

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Thiago Freitas, director of operations at Roc Nation, the company that manages Endrick's career and which followed his last acts at Palmeiras, said that the company's objective is to establish the players as cultural icons beyond sport. Furthermore, he stated that sometimes he communicates more with people related to music, fashion, advertising than with football.


Thiago was with the ex-Palmeiras star in his last five weeks in Brazil, following the process of saying goodbye to the young man. The agent, who previously had a view contrary to the ideal of “more than an athlete”, explained how the process and construction of the project that aims to make the attacker more than a football star took place:

“We didn’t immediately identify his resourcefulness, both for photography and filming. About to turn 14, we identified him as an athlete who could be the best striker of his generation, the most qualified among those born in 2006,” he said.

“… we noticed characteristics that are unusual for young athletes in the transition from 14 to 15 years old. It is much greater resilience, concentration and willingness to sacrifice than other athletes generally are. When you identify a strong-willed young man like that, you imagine that he has something special beyond his abilities.”, added Thiago.

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Endrick after the last game wearing the Palmeiras shirt (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@endrick)

Relationship with Vini Jr. and importance of Palmeiras

At Real Madrid, Endrick will be joined by fellow national team striker Vinícius Júnior. Considered as the last Brazilian player to become a global cultural icon, the rapprochement between the players took place through the company that manages both careers.


What brings Endrick closest to Vini is their obstinacy and predisposition to sacrifice, not only physical sacrifice, but the predisposition to give up almost everything that the money they already have allows them to buy or offer”, reported the agent about the similarities between Endrick and Vini.

Endrick and Vini Jr. in the Brazilian team's victory against Mexico (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@endrick)

To remain at a high level, Real Madrid's new athlete maintained special work, in addition to training with Palmeiras. The alviverde club was essential in the process of speculating this new Brazilian “cultural icon”. Thiago Freitas stated that Verdão knew how to deal with a different player like Endrick.

Due to our early prominence and the need we had as their representatives, our relationship with the Palm trees has always been excellent. We deal with negotiation issues that are not common for such young athletes and that we had to deal with. It is no coincidence that the Palm trees achieved in recent years what it achieved”, he opines.


The player and those responsible for his career share a feeling of gratitude for Palmeiras. Endrick and staff understand that the São Paulo club invested in the star and had the sensitivity to offer him more than usual.

Therefore, there was no shortage of tributes to the team during their farewell. Personalized t-shirts were distributed to employees. The teammates attended a farewell party last Monday and received personalized cups from the event.

Featured Photo: Endrick with the titles won by Palmeiras (Reproduction/Cesar Greco/Instagram/@palmeiras)


Discover the plan that aims to establish Endrick as a “cultural icon” when he goes to Real Madrid

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Discover the plan that aims to establish Endrick as a “cultural icon” when he goes to Real Madrid

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