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Earth and Passion: Flor will be humiliated by Ademir and martyrdom begins!

In the next chapters of “Terra e Paixão”, on TV Globo, Ademir (Charles Fricks) will show a side so far not seen by the public of the plot. According to the plot website, Antônio’s brother (Tony Ramos) will start a real war against Flor (Leticia Orange).

Well, after a period, Ademir will finally be willing to assume the paternity of the girl, but with a drastic condition: that Flor never sees her own daughter again.


“The girl is getting young. You would be a bad example for her. I can put her in boarding school… away from gossip, away from comments, away from you. I assure you that I can give her a much better life than you can.”

Flower will respond: “Never!”

On May 8, TV Globo premiered the 9 pm telenovela, “Terra e Paixão”, written by Walcyr Carrasco. The plot, which replaced “Travessia”, tells the saga of Aline (Barbara Reis), a strong woman, full of dreams, who faces whatever it takes for the future of her family. In the cast are still: Susana Vieira, Agatha Moreira, Tony Ramos, among others.

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Tuesday, July 18th


Aline demonstrates that she does not believe that Antônio hired the geologist because of the water. Tadeu tells Gladys to fire Aline. Luana takes over the bar and hires Berenice as a cleaning lady. Gladys fires Aline. Marino tells Caio that Agatha may be alive. Aline accepts Caio’s loan with promissory notes. Ramiro tells Irene that Caio will help Aline pay off the debt. Irene sends Enzo to hack Caio’s bank account. Lucinda defends herself from Andrade with a Krav Maga move. Enzo enters Caio’s account and embezzles the money with which he would help Aline. Aline feels deceived by Caio when she sees that the deposit was not made.

Wednesday, July 19th

Caio discovers that the money left the account for an orphanage. Silvério tells Antônio that he has no proof that Berenice is Candida’s relative. Irene thanks Silvério for helping her. Andrade threatens Lucinda. Irene makes a pact with Aline: the teacher stays away from Caio, while Antônio’s wife discovers her husband’s real interest in her land. Aline accuses Antônio of being a liar for charging the producer for the water.

Thursday, July 20th


Antônio gives Aline the money. Jussara tries to convince Aline to date Jonatas. Anely encourages Luigi to embezzle money from the farm and steal Petra’s jewelry. Irene suggests Antonio use Petra’s medicine to finish off Aline. Ramiro tells Kelvin that he won’t be able to see him anymore because of his fiancée. Jonathan and Nina meet. Caio declares himself to Aline. Rodrigo tells Berenice that he found out that Cândida’s nephew had no daughter with the same name as hers. Irene puts Petra’s medicine in a glass of champagne and offers it to Aline.

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Aline refuses Irene’s drink. Jussara notices a white powder in the cup that was intended for Aline. Jurecê warns Aline that she is in danger, and claims that the mystery she has in her land is the wealth. Ramiro tells Antônio that his fiancée will work as a cook at the inn. Luigi and Irene pick up Petra from the clinic. Flor agrees to go to Ademir’s house with Rosa as an employee, making it clear that she will not get involved with him. Munda decides not to marry Ramiro anymore. Antônio orders Franco to prevent Caio from using his investments to lend money to Aline. Caio asks Irene if she tried to poison Aline.

Saturday, July 22nd

Caio threatens to put Irene in jail and not marry Graça, in case something happens to Aline. Graça tells Gladys and Tadeu that Irene wants to remove Caio’s succession to Petra. Gentil alerts Jonatas to the danger of Irene getting closer to Aline. Rodrigo tells Caio that there is no proof that Agatha died, despite Antônio claiming that he buried his ex-wife. Ramiro asks Kelvin for money to get rid of Munda. Munda keeps the money she received from Ramiro in the inn’s safe. Luigi and Anely steal Munda’s money. Ramiro prepares to run over Aline.

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Earth and Passion: Flor will be humiliated by Ademir and martyrdom begins!

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