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Exoprimal reveals post-launch plans with new game mode and more

Capcom held a special digital presentation where he shared new details of Exoprimal. Hosted by game director Takuro Hiraoka, the Exoprimal Showcase gave a taste of what will be available to players when the game launches on Friday (14).

The digital event also revealed information on upcoming title updates, including a new mode, Alpha and Beta variants of the Exosuits, collaborations with Monster Hunter and Street Fighter 6, and more. Additionally, Hiraoka introduced the “Final Mission Selection” feature for the main mode, Jurassic Survival. It brings the option to choose between player versus player (PvP), player versus environment (PvE) and random matches.

The launch trailer for Exoprimal was also released. Watch:


More details on what’s new in the digital presentation can be found below, via Capcom:

Final Mission Options

When Exoprimal launches, Jurassic Survival mode will include a feature called “Ultimate Mission Select” which grants players three matchmaking options: PvP, PvE, and Random. In PvP, two rival teams of Exocombatants face each other at the end of the matches. This will decide which team wins and which team feeds the raptors! PvE mode is all about speed. These missions usually don’t involve a direct PvP confrontation. Instead, the team that completes all objectives first will be allowed to survive.

There is also a random option that grants a small experience bonus to adventurers. Exo Fighters can change their preference settings to try out different combinations at any time.


Post-Launch Planning Map

Exoprimal will be supported by Capcom through seasonal game updates with content that will add new and relevant features. Today’s showcase provided a taste of what fans can expect in the coming months.

Season 1 will start this Friday, along with the launch of the game, and will add, on July 28, a new game mode. Savage Ordeal is a co-op experience that challenges teams of up to five participants with PvE missions that rotate weekly and can be replayed for new ranks and rewards.

Then, on August 17th of this year, Exoprimal will have its first major update, introducing 10 Alpha Variant Exosuits at once. These alternate models feature weapons that are completely different from their conventional counterparts, introducing new ways to have fun in both Jurassic Survival and the Savage Ordeal.


Season 2 will begin in mid-October 2023, and will bring with it the next title update, which will include the Street Fighter 6 collaboration announced last month. Players can look forward to other additions as well, including an all-new map and Final Quest, as well as brand-new implements and modules.

In January 2024, Season 3 will expand the arsenal again with the Beta Variant Exosuits. Alongside these gleaming new armor sets, the update will bring a new enemy into combat, the Neo Triceratops. A collaboration with the Monster Hunter series is also in development and is expected to launch as part of Season 3.

Exoprimal reveals post-launch plans with new game mode and more

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