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find original and cheap wedding announcements

Not always easy to choose the announcement of our dreams and yet, this little piece of paper has a capital importance since it will set the tone of your wedding! Many sites exist, there are also graphic designers or calligraphers specialized in wedding announcements but it is not always easy to find original and cheap wedding announcements.

And, let it be said, weddings are already expensive enough like that for us to put a gold bar from the announcement! So here is for you, a selection of modern, original invitations for small budgets!, the video player failed to load. 

Where to find original and cheap wedding announcements?

For my selection of original and cheap wedding announcements, I went to the Planet Cards website.


This Toulouse online store is canon! Specialized in personalized card, I had already ordered from them for the announcement of my son’s birth.

I would have liked to order my wedding announcement too but I am still waiting for the request of my darling (oh are you heard me? :D). Brief! So, I took pleasure in making you this selection of personalized wedding announcements:

When Can You Have Intimate Sex While Pregnant?

First crush for this announcement that I find original thanks to the small round photo of your couple that acts as a tie. Romantic without doing in the gnan-gnan, personalized without being “too much”, I love it!

find original and cheap wedding announcements
  • SHARE WEDDING Tropical Leaves Chic

Elegant and colorful, this announcement will appeal to nature lovers! The small golden touches bring delicacy and refinement. I love the photo in the middle of the card that finishes customizing your announcement.

find original and cheap wedding announcements
  • SHARE WEDDING Old diary

Rather Old School? This announcement should enchant you! Original at will, this imitation old newspaper announcement will surprise more than one!

find original and cheap wedding announcements
  • SHARE WEDDING Boarding Imminent

Backpackers or world travelers? And why not opt for this ultra-personalized announcement that is similar to a plane ticket? Immediate boarding for the most beautiful day of your life!

find original and cheap wedding announcements
  • SHARE WEDDING Exotic Crown

Sober and elegant, this announcement is one of my favorites! I find it refined and chic! In addition, its small flowery crown gives it a lot of romanticism.

In short, as you will have understood, there is something for everyone! I just put my favorites here but you will find hundreds and hundreds of other models much more original on the site! Vinyl announcements, movie tickets, passport, the most classic, more romantic, more chic…

Leaving his guy: should I leave him?

I advise you to search the site to find THE announcement of your dreams, the one that looks like you and sounds like an obvious to illustrate your story.


Each announcement can be customized with different photos, colors, texts, formats and paper qualities. And all at very affordable prices! The best? You can order a free sample of the personalized wedding announcement before placing an order. Thus, no more doubt, no more anxiety, you will be 200% sure of your choice!


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