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Favorite Sex Styles

Position in sex does have a big effect on pleasure and comfort during sex. For that, many couples want to try to have sex with new positions and styles. But again, the favorite is the classic sex position aka that-that’s all.

Although it seems ordinary, this style of sex has always been a favorite of couples, maybe even done every lovemaking. Hmm… What is that about? Well, here Afrilatest leaked there are 5 favorite sex styles of all time.

1. Missionaries

Speaking of favorite sex styles, of course missionaries are in first place! The position which is also known as man on top is indeed a classic, but it is most popular with many couples.


When doing this style, men can easily penetrate and be in complete control to regulate the speed and depth during lovemaking. In addition, women also like the missionary position because it feels more intimate when the couple looks into his eyes.

Although it seems ordinary, the missionary position can also be modified to impress differently, you know. One of them with legs up aka legs lifted. When penetrating, try to lift your legs over your husband’s shoulders. This style can also be modified by adding rebuttals in your pelvis so that it makes penetration feel deeper.

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2. Doggy style (Favorite Sex Styles)

missionary style

Basically, intimacy during sex is not only obtained by facing position. You and your partner can also try it with doggy style. Well, this position is claimed to be a favorite of men because he can penetrate deeper so that it can quickly reach climax.

Doggy style position requires you to be in a crawling position or lying face down. Then, penetration is done from the back. When doing this position, you and your partner should both feel comfortable, yes. Interestingly, doggy style can not only be done on the bed, but can also be done on the edge of the bed, you know.

3. Woman on top

woman on top style

This sex position is favored by many people because it is relatively easy to do with a partner. When doing the position of woman on top, the woman who controls penetration so that both parties get comfort. That way, orgasm is also more likely to be obtained.

So that the woman on top style can feel maximal, do it with a slow rhythm first. In addition to being able to find the right position, penetration slowly also prevents you from feeling exhausted. For men, this position is also fun because he can enjoy the body of a partner when he is down.


4. Reverse cowgirl (Favorite Sex Styles)

Favorite Sex Styles

The reverse cowgirl position is actually similar to the woman on top, which is the position of women above the male body. If in the position of woman on top you are dealing with your partner, then to reverse cowgirl you do the opposite. The position is like sitting back to your partner, then moving your hips up and down.

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This position can provide a different sensation because you can penetrate deeper. If you are not familiar with this style, try it slowly and then do shallow penetration first. If you have found a comfortable position, you can adjust the intensity of penetration as you wish, 

5. Spooning


When you are feeling tired, but still want to have sex, spooning position can be the right choice. In addition to warming up, spooning position can also increase sex drive in you and your partner. (Favorite Sex Styles)

Spooning is a sex position where you lie behind your partner. Then adjust the body so that penetration can be done from behind. After finding the right penetration position, your partner can hug from behind to add intimacy.

Those are the 5 favorite sex styles of all time. Although classic, in fact this sex position is actually the most popular with many people. What do you like the most, right?

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  1. Olawale Olayiwola

    September 29, 2021 at 5:45 pm

    On my own list missionary top the list then cowgirl and reverse cowgirl finally doggy.

  2. oluwateru samuel

    October 23, 2021 at 1:45 pm

    To me, I would go with missionary first, then doggy and spooning.

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