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Higher minimum wage for people hired by the US government

People hired to provide services for the US government will be paid a minimum of $ 15 ($ 12.40) per hour starting next year. US President Joe Biden issued a presidential decree to this end on Tuesday .

According to the White House, these are hundreds of thousands of workers, who are necessary for the proper functioning of the federal government. “From cleaning staff and maintenance people to nursing assistants and people who work in the food service.”

The agencies that hire all these people on behalf of the government must include the new minimum hourly wage in their bids from January 22, 2022. From March 30 next year, that amount must actually be included in the contracts.

For contracts that are already in progress, the amount must be adjusted as soon as they can be renewed. “That is usually annually,” said the government.


After 2022, the minimum wage must be adjusted annually to inflation. By 2024, the minimum wage that is partly based on tips must also have disappeared from government contracts. It is assumed that people in certain professions, tipped workers , receive a large part of their income from tips. As a result, the wages that the employer pays them is used lower.

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Currently, the minimum wage for hired workers of the US government is $ 10.95 and that of tipped workers is $ 7.65 per hour.

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