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World Refugee Day, History and also its now being celebrated with the # tag #WorldRefugeeDay

In December 2000, the UN General Assembly declared June 20 an international day of remembrance for refugees. The day is dedicated to internally displaced persons, asylum seekers, refugees and stateless people around the world: all people who had to flee from war, persecution, terror or natural disasters.

More than 80 million people on the run

82.4 million people worldwide are on the run. Thereof:

  • 30.3 million refugees *
  • 48 million internally displaced people
  • 4.1 million asylum seekers

* including 5.7 million people from Palestine and 3.9 million from Venezuela

World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day is intended to draw attention to the emergency situation of these people. Every year on June 20th, actions are held around the world to shake up the public. It is also intended to honor the courage, bravery, strength and determination of those people who had to leave their homeland due to persecution, conflict and violence.


We stand together #WithRefugees #WorldRefugeeDay

The United Nations has a different motto every year for World Refugee Day. All sides of the living conditions as well as the stories and fates of the refugees are to be illuminated. The motto since 2016: We stand together #WithRefugees.

Higher minimum wage for people hired by the US government

The UNHCR petition #WithRefugees calls on governments to ensure education and safe housing for refugees. Each of these people should have the chance to work or learn a trade. For World Refugee Day 2019, the #StepWithRefugees campaign is running to make solidarity with refugees visible.

World Refugee Day

Refugees worldwide: numbers have been rising continuously for years

Total refugees worldwide59.5 million65.3 million65.6 million68.5 million70.8 million79.5 million82.4 million

Numbers and facts about refugees worldwide

  • 2020 was the ninth year in a row that the number of people forced to flee has increased worldwide. There are twice as many forcibly displaced people as in 2011, when the total was just under 40 million.
  • During the pandemic, more than 160 countries closed their borders at times in 2020. 99 states made no exception for people seeking international protection.
  • Almost a million children were born as refugees between 2018 and 2020.
  • More than two-thirds of all people who fled their homeland came from just five countries: Syria (6.7 million), Venezuela (4.0 million), Afghanistan (2.6 million), South Sudan (2.2 million) ) and Myanmar (1.1 million).
  • Almost nine out of ten refugees (86 percent) are taken in by countries that border crisis areas and are low- and middle-income countries.
  • The least developed countries granted asylum to 27 percent of all refugees.
  • For the seventh year in a row, Turkey granted protection to the world’s largest number of refugees (3.7 million), followed by Colombia (1.7 million, including the displaced Venezuelans), Pakistan (1.4 million), Uganda (1 , 4 million) and Germany (1.2 million).
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