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How mandatory motorcycle insurance works
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Find out everything about mandatory motorcycle insurance, the famous DPVAT, and understand when it must be paid to keep your documentation up to date.

When purchasing a car or motorcycle, we need to be aware of all the costs involved in maintaining that asset, both conservation costs and documentation costs, including mandatory insurance. But do you know how mandatory motorcycle insurance works?


Throughout this article, we will talk about this important insurance that must be paid and why this payment is considered mandatory in Brazilian territory.

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Find out now everything about mandatory motorcycle insurance and what you need to do to be up to date with this obligation.

How mandatory motorcycle insurance works

What is mandatory motorcycle insurance?

Mandatory motorcycle insurance, DPVAT, means: Personal damage caused by motor vehicles on land, that is, it is insurance that provides coverage for personal damage caused by motorcycles or cars on a public road.

The DPVAT was created in 1974 as a way of guaranteeing the right to compensation for victims of traffic accidents, and can be used to reimburse specific medical expenses, in cases of permanent or temporary disability caused by the occurrence of the accident or even in the event of death. .


This insurance does not offer coverage for accidents without victims, accidents that did not occur within the national territory, fines or bonds for the driver of the vehicle and/or foreign vehicles in circulation throughout Brazilian territory.

What is the value of the DPVAT?

The value of mandatory insurance may vary according to the type of vehicle: motorcycle, car, truck, among others. For each one, a tabulated value is applied.

In 2019, the value of mandatory insurance for motorcycles was the highest among all vehicles, around R$84.58 (eighty-four reais and fifty-eight cents), due to the higher incidence of accidents occurring daily with this type of vehicle .

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The Ministry of Health published an alarming number in 2019: For every ten cases of traffic accidents, eight were among motorcycle drivers, therefore, this category is the one that, inevitably, most resorts to the use of DPVAT.


Currently, the value of mandatory motorcycle insurance is R$12.30 (twelve reais and thirty cents), paid once a year, together with the IPVA payment. This decrease in value is due to the good collection result that occurred in 2019, which caused a good margin of money accumulated for the year 2020.

Why is DPVAT mandatory?

Just like the IPVA, the DPVAT is a mandatory fee that, in the case of default, affects the characterization of the vehicle's irregular situation, that is, at the time of vehicle licensing, your motorcycle will not be able to obtain this document, thus being in a irregular situation.

In addition to the inconvenience caused to the motorcycle owner, failure to pay this tax can cause a significant impact on insurance beneficiaries who depend on this contribution.

How is this value used?

The payment of DPVAT is closely related to the compensation of injured victims, therefore, the entire amount collected is distributed as follows:

  • 50% of the resources are allocated to payment by the Union, 45% to SUS, responsible for the care and medical-hospital treatment of victims, and 5% to DENATRAN, which offers and maintains traffic awareness programs for drivers;
  • 50% goes directly to paying compensation to victims.
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The part that is responsible for compensating victims of traffic accidents is distributed according to the severity of the injured person's situation, and it is necessary to present all the victim's personal documentation, accident report and supporting medical reports to obtain the amount.

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For medical expenses, the compensation amount may be up to R$ 2,700.00 (two thousand and seven hundred reais). In cases of permanent disability, the value can be from R$ 135.00 (one hundred and thirty-five reais) to R$ 13,500.00 (thirteen thousand and five hundred reais). In cases of death, the value is R$ 13,500.00 (thirteen thousand and five hundred reais).

What should I do if my motorcycle is in an irregular situation regarding the payment of mandatory insurance?

If you have your motorcycle in an irregular situation, contact directly through the Seguradora Líder service channels, which is the insurance company currently responsible for administering the DPVAT.


When buying a motorcycle, we assume many responsibilities, both with the vehicle and with society, therefore, always try to be up to date with your motorcycle's obligations, take care of it, carry out maintenance, always drive carefully, pay taxes and not stop paying for mandatory motorcycle insurance, because one day, you may need it too.

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How mandatory motorcycle insurance works

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How mandatory motorcycle insurance works


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How mandatory motorcycle insurance works

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