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How much does it cost to insure a van?
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Van insurance can be affordable as long as the driver researches the price.

The Van is a very versatile car, because it can carry a large number of people or cargo at once.


Because of this, it ends up being widely used in passenger transport.

There is a wide variety of models on the market, each aiming to meet a different need.

There are those who are looking for a van to use at work transporting passengers, others want to use it to transport cargo, those who have a large family need a vehicle with a lot of space and there are even those who transform a van into a mobile home.

Average price of Fiat Bravo insurance

Depending on the purpose of use, it is possible to find insurance for a van with prices that vary greatly.


For example, a van for personal use has a lower chance of being involved in an accident than one that serves as school transport and travels regularly.

In this case, the second option will have a higher insurance price.

Therefore, anyone who is unsure whether van insurance is expensive will largely depend on the situation.

No matter what purpose it will be used for, you need to ensure that it is well protected with car insurance.

How much does it cost to insure a van?

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Cheap van insurance

A very common question is how much will be charged for this protection, but by researching, it is possible to find cheap insurance for vans.

To discover the best prices, you must obtain quotes from different insurance companies and compare what each one offers with the amount charged.

When quoting van insurance, remember to only add the coverage you need, as the more you add, the more you will pay.


Just be careful not to fall into a trap and take something essential and then be left without the protection you need.

The value of van insurance may also drop if you choose to install security equipment such as trackers and alarms.

Insurers understand that there is additional protection and that the risks are lower.

If you want to have an idea of ​​insurance prices for sprinter vans and other models, see a list we have put together.


What does van insurance offer?

When we talk about insurance we think about the protections that this service provides, they can be contracted coverage or assistance services.

The coverage aims to compensate for material damage caused to vans or third-party vehicles involved in accidents or their respective occupants.

See some coverages designed to protect your van:

  • Fire;
  • Theft;
  • Theft;
  • Collision;
  • Glasses.

In addition to these, third-party insurance can be taken out to repair damages caused to third parties, which may involve material, bodily and moral damage.

The APP – Passenger Personal Accident offers coverage for passengers who are injured or die in an accident involving the van at the time they were being transported.


Other advantages of those who have van insurance are being able to count on 24-hour assistance services, which provide mechanical and electrical assistance, a tow truck and others that can help in different situations.

Van insurance cost

See examples of some insurance for vans of different models.

It is worth noting that these values ​​should only be used as a guide; to know the exact value of the insurance, you must request a personalized quote.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.


Model Driver profile Location Price
Master 2.3 Dci Std Long 16L Diesel 2015 Male, 50 years old Salvador BA R$ 8,402.00
Master 2.5 Dci Vitré 115Cv Short Diesel 2013 Male, 55 years old Sao Paulo-SP R$ 5,766.00
Master 2.3 Dci Extra Van 16V Diesel 2017 AT Apucarana – PR BRL 5,316.84
Master 2.5 2018 AT Curitiba – PR R$ 1,236.90
Master Minibus 2.3 2016 AT Curitiba – PR R$ 9,872.92


Model Driver profile Location Price
Sprinter 313 Long Chassis 2.2 Diesel 2019 Male, 49 years old Borda da Mata – MG R$ 9,730.60
Sprinter 415 Short Van TB 2.2 Dies 2017 AT Piraquara – PR R$ 4,118.41
Sprinter 311 Short Van 2.2 109Hp Diesel 2016 Male, 53 years old Curitiba – PR R$ 3,994.50
Sprinter 415 Cdi Van Standard T.Bx 2.2 Bi 2015 AT Curitiba – PR BRL 4,511.06
Sprinter 415 Low Roof Luxury Van 2014 AT Bocaiúva Do Sul – PR R$ 2,320.12


Model Driver profile Location Price
Ducato Medium Cargo 2.3 16V Diesel 2019 Male, 40 years old Diadema – SP BRL 8,877.75
Ducato Cargo Short 2.3 16V Diesel 2018 Male, 50 years old Balneário Camboriú – SC R$ 10,022.10
Ducato Cargo Short 2.3 Me 2017 AT Curitiba – PR R$ 6,105.20
Ducato Van Multi T Alto 2.3 Jet 2016 AT Pirapozinho – SP R$ 1,499.84
Ducato Cargo Longo 2.3 Me Diesel 2015 Male, 30 years old São José Dos Pinhais – PR R$ 1,257.85


Model Driver profile Location Price
Transit Van 3550 2.2 Tdci 14 Lug. Dies 2014 AT London – PR BRL 2,665.27
Transit Van 350 2.4 2014 AT Sto. Antônio Do Leste – Mt R$ 3,786.13
Transit 350L Bus 14 L 2013 AT Curitiba – PR R$ 1,204.40
Transit Chassis 2.2 Tdci Diesel 2P 2013 Female, 60 years old Barretos – SP BRL 4,485.36
Transit Van 2.2 Tdci Short Diesel 2012 Male, 70 years old Sao Paulo-SP R$ 6,074.20


Model Driver profile Location Price
Boxer 2.3 Lh Executive 15/16L Tb Diesel 2016 Male, 36 years old Rio de Janeiro – RJ) BRL 5,701.41
Boxer 2.8 Furg. Also Dies. Avg/Longot.High 2008 Male, 62 years old São Caetano do Sul (SP) R$ 2,633.24
Boxer 2.3 Minibus 15/16L Tb Diesel. 2011 Female, 42 years old Sao Paulo-SP) R$ 2,244.05
Boxer 2.3 Furg.Tb Dies. Avg/ Longot.High 2013 Male, 29 years old Brusque (SC) BRL 4,026.06
Boxer 2.3 Furg.Tb Dies. Average/ Longot.High 2011 Male, 31 years old Cupira (PE) BRL 7,481.59

Knowing the price charged on the van insurance market, when you ask for a quote you will be aware of the appropriate values ​​without having to spend a lot for this protection.


* is not responsible for the values ​​mentioned here, as the price of insurance may vary depending on the profile of each driver.

How much does it cost to insure a van?

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How much does it cost to insure a van?


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How much does it cost to insure a van?

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